Mr Blue Sky UK: From Puissance Superstar to New Ownership and Rider

Imagine falling in love in five minutes. That's exactly what happened to Elaine Annis when she first met Mr Blue Sky UK, a celebrated puissance horse. The stunning equine celebrity has recently switched to new ownership, much to the delight of his new owner.

A Formidable Partnership, and a New Beginning

Elaine was simply taken with the seasoned puissance specialist who, along with internationally-renowned rider Guy Williams, has won nine international puissances - including four victories at the prestigious London International Horse Show. Elaine’s reaction was simple and straight from the heart: “I fell in love with him within five minutes,” and decided to buy him. While Mr Blue Sky UK, always refered to as Blue for short, now resides with Elaine, he will trot his way into national level competitions under the new rider Charlotte Walker. However, he will return to his formidable partner, Guy Williams, when it comes to puissance competitions, and perhaps even for the distinguished Hickstead Derby this summer.

Nigel’s Neighbour: A New Puissance Star in Residence

It seems Elaine possesses a commendable eye for puissance talent, given that she owns another former champion - Noctambule Courcelle, fondly known as Nigel. Nigel clinched the London puissance title back in 2012 with rider Ben Maher, and later competed under Guy Williams in 2014. Now retired, Nigel has made room for Blue, the new resident and fellow puissance competitor at Elaine’s stableyard.

Continuing the Legacy of a Puissance Veteran

As well as his impressive puissance victories, Blue has a noteworthy track record in the Hickstead Derby. In the 2022 derby, Guy Williams and Blue proved a dynamic duo, securing the 11th place. Blue, now 15, is anticipated to perform better in the forthcoming derby, having gained good experience and understanding of the course from his first attempt. “He’s a puissance specialist, but never say never!” exclaims Elaine.

More Than Just Talent: Mr Blue Sky UK’s Pleasing Personality

Part of Blue’s charm that struck a chord with Elaine was his endearing personality. “He’s spooky and sharp, but he’s got a heart of gold,” she gushes. Describing scratching the back of Blue’s pockets to find him nuzzling and displaying his top lip in a gesture of humor. This warm, friendly nature makes him an absolute delight, even for Elaine’s children who lead him around effortlessly.

Wishing Elaine and Mr Blue Sky UK The Very Best

Caroline, the previous owner from Stud UK Euro in Kent, expressed her best wishes to Elaine and Blue. She reminisced about how she spotted young Blue’s vast potential over his five-year-old advertisement, leading her to purchase him immediately. “Mr Blue Sky has been a horse of a lifetime for me in winning so many puissances,” she shared. In conclusion, Mr Blue Sky UK is a jewel in the crown of puissance sport, combining both competitive prowess and a delightful personality in one attractive package. Here's raising a toast to his successful future with Elaine, Charlotte, and Guy! Credit: Horse & Hound