Our equine friends never cease to surprise us with their versatility and adaptability. A prime example of this is the story of Native River, the illustrious 2018 Cheltenham Gold Cup winner who has just marked another milestone in his already impressive career.

From Race Track to Show Ring

Native River has taken his first step into the world of showing and successfully secured a spot for the renowned SEIB Insurance Brokers Search for a Star competition which will be held at the Horse of the Year Show (HOYS) this October in Birmingham. This notable achievement came in his very first attempt, marking a stellar start to his full season in showing.

A New Journey with Amateur Rider Emma Vane

Under the guidance and skill of his amateur rider, Emma Vane, Native River came runner-up at Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire, impressively finishing behind Polydamos, another ex-racehorse. This is no small feat considering that Native River is new to showing, having moved to amateur rider status after retiring from professional racing - a career in which he had amassed over £1 million in prize money.

The SEIB Search for a Star Competition

The Search for a Star competition, held annually at HOYS, is a notoriously competitive event that highlights the talents of ex-racehorses in the show ring. Open to amateur riders and horses with a history of high-level racing, the competition recognizes and celebrates the adaptability and skills these horses possess. Native River's qualification bears testimony to his resilience and tenacity as well as Emma Vane's dedication and expertise.

Well-Deserved Recognition

Having won multiple accolades, including the 2018 Cheltenham Gold Cup as part of his professional racing career, Native River joins the ranks of ex-racehorses like Polydamos to find a new passion in showing. His qualification for the SEIB Search for a Star competition puts a spotlight on his talents in a different arena, proving that there's life after racing for these magnificent creatures.

Inspiration for Many

Native River's successful transition from professional racing to amateur showing is a heartening tale for equestrian enthusiasts and amateur riders alike. His story showcases the abundant opportunities available for horses to continue competing and excelling after their racing careers have ended. As he prepares to enter the show ring at HOYS, Native River is set tp inspire many more in the equestrian community.

Additional Information

For more details about the SEIB Search for a Star competition, feel free to visit their website.


From the Track to the Show Ring: Native River Secures Spot at HOYS