Cooperating, Connecting, and Courageous: Key Takeaways from the National Equine Forum

The National Equine Forum (NEF) recently held in London served as a platform for industry professionals, stakeholders, and experts for an open discussion on the present and future directions of the equine sector. The resonating themes were cooperation, community, and courage, seen as fundamental for ensuring the resilience of the sector in the face of various challenges.

Potential Impact of National Minimum Wage Increases

One of the burning issues broached at the forum was the potential influence of National Minimum Wage increases on the equine industry. With the wages swelling, numerous equine businesses may grapple with amplified operational costs, possibly causing heightened fees for their patrons or even business shutdowns. Further research is necessary to comprehend the scope of this issue and delve into viable solutions like government subsidies or innovative business models.

The Power of Partnership, People, and Pluck

Another central theme culled from the discussions was the essentiality of cooperation, community, and courage in guaranteeing the sector's buoyancy. Greased by a diverse array of stakeholders, such as trainers, vets, farriers, and feed suppliers, the equine industry can collectively steer through the obstacles it encounters. Moreover, having the boldness to innovate and take the wheel of change is critical for maintaining competitiveness and relevance in our ever-adjusting world.

Beneficial Aspects of Equestrian Premise Licensing

The forum also highlighted the potential merits of equestrian premise licensing in Scotland. Purposed to enhance animal welfare and public safety, the practical implications and effects of this licensing framework on the equine sector call for a more detailed probe.

Diversifying and Democratizing the Equine Sector

A noteworthy topic of exploration was the #HorsesForAll strategy and drives to promote diversity and accessibility in the equine sector. Making sure that everyone, irrespective of their background or abilities, has the chance to connect with horses is vital for the growth and sustainability of the sector. In-depth research is needed to uncover best practices and effective methods for fostering inclusivity and access.

Reflecting on Rider Weight Rule and Its Effects

Another discussion point at the NEF was the 20% rider weight rule and its impact on equine wellbeing. While its primary focus is horse and rider safety, the rule's application and enforcement are somewhat inconsistent. To ensure fair and efficient application, scrutinizing this rule and its implications for equine wellbeing in greater detail is a must.

Honoring Contributions and Looking Ahead

The late Prof R.H. Graham Suggett OBE was honored for his remarkable contributions to the NEF. His enduring legacy continues to guide and shape the equine sector, necessitating further studies into his work and impact.

The upcoming Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games and their predicted influence on the equine sector were also brought up. As equestrian sports attract global attention, it spells both opportunities and hurdles for the industry. Further studies are required to discern how to best seize this exposure while mitigating any negative outcomes.

In Summation

The National Equine Forum offered valuable insights into the present landscape and potential future of the equine sector. Cooperation, community, and courage were underlined as critically important for the sector's resilience. Hence, topics like the effect of rising National Minimum Wages, the role of equestrian premise licensing, and the #HorsesForAll strategy call for more research. By banding together and lending support to one another, the equine sector holds a promising future, ripe for innovation and growth.

For additional details on the National Equine Forum, visit their website. To delve into the Manifesto for the Horse and the NEF replay, follow the provided links.

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