Get ready, dressage enthusiasts! The moment we've all been waiting for is finally here: Tickets for the much-anticipated LeMieux National Dressage Championships are out! Set your calendars for September 12-15, 2024, because Somerford Park in Cheshire is going to be brimming with energy, excitement, and equestrian displays that will burst your concept of the word 'breathtaking'.

It's More than Just a Game

As the most prestigious dressage competition in the UK, the LeMieux National Dressage Championships is more than just a game. It's a celebration of skilful riders, extraordinary horses, and your undying passion. From the intensive competition of prelims to the Grandest of Prix, not to mention the KBIS Young Horse Championships, everything is a sight to behold.

And don't worry if you're just getting your feet wet — everyone from first-timers to seasoned aficionados is expected and welcome here. It's a chance to learn from professionals and causes palpitations of show-jumping showpieces.

Of Rolling Greens and Galloping Hearts

When it comes to creating memories, the choice of location is key. Somerford Park could not be more fitting. A treat for your eyes and joy for your Instagram, its beautiful agricultural and equestrian facilities make it not just an event — it's an experience.

Make it a family affair, or bring along your friends, because once the horse's hooves hit the track, you're in for an electrifying atmosphere.

Tickets? Check. Dates? Noted. Location? Bookmarked.

Can’t hold your horses, eh? No worries! From single-day tickets to multi-day or packages starting from a mere £10, there is something for everyone. So why wait? You can get your tickets now online, or if you are a believer in being spontaneous, at the gate on the day of the event.

We've got your day all planned out!

Extend your experience beyond the spectacle in the ring. With the Shufflebottom, PDSSaddlesUK, and Royale Equestrian as our esteemed sponsors, there's more to explore. Whether you need high-quality saddles or premium equestrian facilities, we’ve got you covered.

Mark your calendars and make your way to Somerford Park in September 2024 for a dressage experience that will keep you reminiscing for years!

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