A Heartfelt Tribute: The Jack de Bromhead Equine Therapy Centre

In 2022, the tragic loss of 13-year-old Jack de Bromhead left a profound impact not only in the racing community but the world over. To honor his passion for equine, the Jack de Bromhead Equine Therapy Centre was envisioned as a facility that combines love for horse racing and the therapeutic benefits of equine therapy.

Rallying Together: Fundraising for A Cause

The racing community rallied to contribute to the cause, with donations streaming in from individuals and organizations alike. While the heartache was immense, the community's combined effort served as a testament to Jack's memory. By harnessing the power of charity, auctions, and donations, the goal of building 'The Jack de Bromhead Equine Therapy Centre' at ChildVision's campus in Dublin is well on its way.

More Than Just A Facility

This state-of-the-art equine therapy center is more than just a modern facility, as it plans to provide an indoor arena, ten stables, learning spaces, and ancillary accommodation all dedicated to effective equine therapy. The center hopes to bring the therapeutic benefits of horse interaction to children and adults with vision impairments and other disabilities. The facility merges vocational access, social interaction, and personal development, making a significant impact on the clients' lives.

A Father Honours His Son's Legacy

Henry de Bromhead, Jack's father, an esteemed Grand National, and Gold Cup-winning trainer, his career is marked by training extraordinary horses like the legendary mare Honeysuckle - the first female horse to win the Cheltenham Festival's Champion Hurdle in 2021. Despite his illustrious career, Henry's most poignant contributions may well be his efforts to bring the Jack de Bromhead Equine Therapy Centre to fruition.

Rachael Blackmore, a rising star in the racing world, trained under Henry's expertise, her contribution to the Center further attests to the deep-rooted community support this project has garnered.

ChildVision: Making Visions Come True

The organization at the heart of this therapy center, ChildVision, is renowned for its commitment to providing education, therapy, and care for children and adults with vision impairments and other disabilities in Ireland. By supporting projects like the Jack de Bromhead Equine Therapy Centre, they embrace their mission of empowering individuals with disabilities.

An Enduring Legacy

The Jack de Bromhead Equine Therapy Centre symbolizes so much more than just a facility. It embodies the strength of a community, the healing power of horses, and the enduring impact of a boy who cherished them. As the project advances, it serves as a striking reminder of Jack's life and his lasting effect on everyone who knew him. The strong community support behind the center is a reminder of how deep the bonds run in the racing world and beyond.

Source: Superstar’s racing colours to raise funds for new equine therapy centre named after late teenager. Horse & Hound.