There's a certifiable buzz in the equestrian world. The much-anticipated selection for the prestigious Fontainebleau CDI5* event in France has been announced. Unfolding from the 26th to 28th April 2024, this competition is the epitome of world-class dressage talent, drawing the crème de la crème of riders and horses from every corner of the globe.

A Dream Team Emerges: Charlotte Fry and Everdale

In this thrilling milieu, we applaud the anointed representative of the British Dressage team: Charlotte Fry and her majestic mount, Everdale. Now that's a duo destined to turn heads and captivate audiences!

Escaping the limelight is an impossible feat for talented equestrienne Charlotte Fry. Born and bred in the scenic town of Scarborough, North Yorkshire, she now calls Den Hout, the Netherlands, her home. Her remarkable journey within the realm of dressage has been studded with commendable achievements, thus cementing her position as a gem within the British equestrian team.

The Stallion Sensation: Everdale

A rider is only as good as her steed, and Charlotte Fry's choice of mount is Everdale, a splendid black stallion born in the year 2009. But make no mistake, there's more to Everdale than his striking looks – this horse also boasts an impressive heritage. Bred by the esteemed Van Olst Horses, Everdale's lineage is nothing short of equestrian aristocracy. His sire is Lord Leatherdale, a stallion famous for his brilliant temperament and remarkable rideability, while his damsire, Negro, is another acclaimed name in the dressage world, known for his exceptional progeny.

A Compendium of World-Class Competition

The Fontainebleau CDI5* is a key event used as a stepping stone to even higher echelons of international competition. The selectiveness of this event is evidenced by its rigorous selection procedure, ensuring that only the best horse-rider teams grace the competition. The selection of Charlotte Fry and Everdale reflects their immense dedication, hard work, and undeniable talent.

An Invitation to Dig Deeper

As we wait with baited breath for the upcoming Fontainebleau CDI5* competition, it's an ideal time to delve into the annals of this esteemed event's evolution and history. An exploration of Charlotte Fry's performance history will illuminate her journey so far, while understanding the influence of Van Olst Horses in the international dressage scene will offer valuable insight. Moreover, researching the different horse breeds that excel in dressage and the selection process for international events will make for engaging reads.

A Front-Row Seat to the Action

Fans eagerly awaiting the event aren't left out in the cold. The Fontainebleau CDI5* promises live streaming and detailed timelines of the event, including results. Stay glued for more updates on this thrilling event and the continued exploits of Charlotte Fry and Everdale in the exciting world of international dressage!