At first blush, the world of equine health and management may seem as simple as ensuring good feeding and regular exercise. But in reality, it's a complex interplay of factors, from preventive veterinary care to best practice guidelines governing management and welfare. One organization blazing a trail in this field is CANTER, as shown in their recent meeting.

Deciphering the CANTER Strategy

The CANTER Core Steering Group, under the astute leadership of Chairperson Alison Pyatt, recently met via Zoom with an overarching goal - to drive the organization's principal objectives forward. One significant development flagged during the session was the impending completion of the Best Practice Guidelines (BPGs) aimed at providing a comprehensive roadmap for good industry practice.

The BPGs, vital tools in the health and welfare of our equine friends, are intended for rigorous review every six months. This adds a fresh layer of effectiveness and ensures they remain updated.

Here's One for Accessibility!

During the critical Zoom meeting, Claire Shand suggested uploading these invaluable guidelines to the CANTER website. This would make them accessible to industry professionals and also to horse owners, who play an essential role in implementing these best practices. Now, that's a fantastic idea, don't you think? The BPGs, after all, are not just for veterinary savants. They are for every "Jane" and "Joe" who consider horses a part of their family.

Step Aside Wanted - Messages Riding Through

CANTER plans to kickstart an initial campaign to get the word out about the BPGs. This activation targets prescribers initially, with a plan to rope in horse owners down the line. Looks like CANTER's BPGs are bound to turn a few heads, educating and empowering people to ensure horse's welfare.

Promotion of these guidelines also will be served a la carte through channels dedicated to continuing professional development and stakeholder networks. What that essentially means is - it's getting to be real exciting for everyone in the equine world!

Webbing The Wide World of Best Practices

CANTER is singing in the key of influence. From the development of the BPGs to their dissemination, CANTER steps up, pioneering the advancement of best practices in the equine industry. This paves the way for intriguing research areas that promise to shed some light on best practice implementation across sectors.

Make Way For The Future Research

Here is a rundown of some potential areas crying out for further exploration: the effectiveness of BPGs across industries, the fundamental role consensus plays in decision-making processes, best strategies to spread industry practices and guidelines far and wide, and the significance of sustainable funding models for non-profit outfits. Additionally, understanding the influence of environmental changes on parasite control and the unique role of CANTER within equine health management form two critical research buckets.

The bottom line is this - as we saddle up with CANTER and embark on this exciting journey of advancing best practices, there's bound to be a cornucopia of insights and future initiatives that enrich and elevate the equine industry. So, hang tight and stay tuned for more stimulating updates from CANTER and the equine world!

Credit: CANTER Steering Group, Alison Pyatt, Claire Shand