Extending the Winning Partnership: British Dressage and Horse & Country

In the equestrian world, two heavyweight names, British Dressage (BD) and Horse & Country (H&C), have resoundingly kicked off the decade with the renewal of their successful partnership. With the galloping strides they've been making for the last ten years, their extended cooperation promises to take the sport of dressage to even greater heights in the UK. (source: British Dressage, 2023).

Enhancing Equestrian Coverage with Fresh Initiatives

The partnership renewal is stepping up the game with a myriad of innovations. This includes more comprehensive and extensive coverage of major BD dressage events, elevated marketing initiatives, exclusive member benefits, and ticket sales to must-see events. It's akin to ensuring the audience gets an unbeatable front-row view of the dressage spectacle! (source: British Dressage, 2023).

Front and Center: NAF Five Star Winter Dressage Championships

Ready your blankets and hot beverages; the first event to benefit from these enhancements is the NAF Five Star Winter Dressage Championships. This grand spectacle will be taking over Addington Equestrian from 10 to 14 April. BD aficionados should mark these dates as the event will be covered in conjunction with the Petplan Winter Area Festival Championships. The result? A live equestrian carnival available for viewing cosy and warm from the comfort of your couch! (source: British Dressage, 2023).

A Glittering Addition: Meet Judy Harvey

Commentary has a crucial role to play in any sports coverage; it provides fans with expert insights, enriching the viewing experience. In line with this, the well-known international rider and trainer, Judy Harvey, will be joining H&C to serve up a dollop of her extensive knowledge and insights during the live coverage. Welcome aboard, Judy - dressage enthusiasts await your words of wisdom! (source: British Dressage, 2023).

Membership That Pampers

As part of the renewal agreement, members of British Dressage will also have exclusive access to discounts and offers provided by H&C - proof that being part of the BD family pays off big time! (source: British Dressage, 2023).

The Majesty of Partnerships in Equestrian Sports

By extending their alliance, BD and H&C demonstrate how partnerships can greatly impact the growth and development of equestrian disciplines. With the live coverage of dressage events we're expecting to see an increase in sport's popularity and interest. With nifty collaborations like these, it's safe to say the future of dressage in the UK looks promising!


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