The Stunning Success Story of Daniel Coyle and Incredible

The world of showjumping has witnessed a new sensation, Daniel Coyle, an Irish showjumper who is leaving his indelible mark on multiple international events. However, it's not just his remarkable talents that are grabbing headlines - it's also his extraordinary partnership with a gelding named Incredible. Coyle found winning form with Incredible at only their third show together at the Live Oak International in the USA. Their remarkable partnership offers a masterclass in the art and precision of equestrian showjumping.

On a Winning Streak

Coyle's winning spree began at the London International in December. This consecutive winning streak has stretched to include his third World Cup success and fifth five-star grand prix victory, this time with Incredible at the Live Oak International. "This is the first year I've ever won three in one season," said Coyle, humbly acknowledging his outstanding achievement.

Coyle began riding the 11-year-old Incredible, previously handled by Dutch rider Eric Ten Cate, only in January of this year. His mentor Jeroen Dubbeldam scouted the steed for him, and the connection was immediate. "Every time I go in the ring, I'm finding something new in Incredible," Coyle shared. "It's great that I can find that out while competing at the top of the sport."

Meetings of Minds and Hearts

Coyle confidently stated that both he and Incredible were good individually before they teamed up, and now they are proving to be a formidable force together. Such partnerships are not just about powerful performances; they reveal a genuine bond between the rider and his mount. Coyle further added, "Incredible had already done some Nations Cups and some really good things, but his rider didn’t get the chance to go to the big shows every week." Thanking Jeroen, Coyle acknowledged that Jeroen's eye for talent has been invaluable to his career.

The Other Winners At Live Oak International

The Live Oak International wasn't just about Coyle and Incredible. US Olympic team gold medallist Mclain Ward secured a winning pair at the Florida Winter Equestrian Festival, claiming the $215,000 Horseware Ireland CSI4* grand prix with Contagious and the Adequan WEF Challenge Cup riding First Lady. "He (Contagious) dug in deep and we were lucky to go last," Mclain shared about his phenomenal experience.

The Irish Dominate Young Horse Titles

The Young Horse Finals saw Ireland triumph yet again. Philip McGuane and the Evergate Stables’ My Lady Van De Krekel emerged as the seven-year-old champions. "She's super careful, not very big but she has a lot of qualities," expressed an elated McGuane.

In conclusion, it is not just about the glitz and glamour of the horse shows; it's about the incredible bonds that form between horse and rider, and the thrilling performances that keep spectators on the edge of their seats.Whether it is Coyle and Incredible, Mclain and Contagious, or McGuane and My Lady Van De Krekel, these partnerships are fulfilling the promise of true horse and equestrian excellence.

Source: Horse & Hound