Whether you followed dressage or not, you'd likely have heard of the legendary partnership between Sophie Wells OBE and Pinocchio. A remarkable horse who not only brought national pride on the Paralympic and dressage stages but also won the hearts of many worldwide while doing so. However, we recently said goodbye to this shining star, who passed away at the ripe age of 27.

Pinocchio: A Horse That Defined An Era

Pinocchio, a Dutch Warmblood gelding, sprung into power when he was partnered up with Sophie Wells. Together, they created quite the storm in the dressage world – from multiple European and World Championship titles to Paralympic honors, they ruled the stage. The 2012 London Paralympics saw the pair claim a team gold and an individual silver, a feat which they replicated at the 2016 Rio Paralympics.

The non-equestrian world may wonder, "What's the big deal? It's just a horse.", but Pinocchio was more than 'just a horse'. For thousands of fans and aspiring equestrians, he symbolized hope, resilience, and the immense power of the human-animal bond.

The Rider Who Tamed The Storm

Sophie Wells, born with amniotic band syndrome and without a right hand, made perseverance her mantra. And who else could have been a better partner than Pinocchio for her? The intuitive horse and the determined rider presented a picture of strength, pushing boundaries, and shattering prejudices.

The time they spent together, from winning the FEI Para European Championships to championing the Young Rider World Cup Final and the Grands Prix, were golden moments that Wells cherishes. But what she'll miss the most is the daily feeding ritual, Pinocchio's ears pricking up at her arrival – the quiet moments of an extraordinary relationship.

The Later Years And Farewell

Age took its toll on Pinocchio and health issues started creeping in, resulting in his retirement. The loss is immense for the British equestrian community, but Pinocchio's achievements remain a source of inspiration. Rising from a horse who once failed a vetting to becoming a darling of the dressage world, he indeed retired as a king.

Farewell From Izzy Palmer And Emma Sheardown

It wasn't just Sophie Wells who worked wonders with the revered horse. Dressage riders Emma Sheardown and Izzy Palmer too had a hand in Pinocchio's success, making crucial contributions in different stages of his life. Sheardown was a guiding hand to a young Pinocchio, while the latter was his pal in post-competition life, offering him both love and companionship until retirement.

Key Contributions of The Walkers

No article about the horse would be complete without a tribute to Jackie and Neil Walker. Owners of Pinocchio, they ensured that the gelding had all he needed, both for competition and after retirement. Their unwavering dedication channeled itself through Pinocchio, inspiring an entire generation of equestrians and dressage enthusiasts.

To end, though Pinocchio's advanced years and failing health caught up with him, his spirit remains unquenched in the hearts of the fans and future riders. British Dressage, among others, mourns his loss, but his legacy of grace, strength, and determination will shine bright for generations to come.

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