The British Dressage Inter Regional Dressage competition, held at Pickering Grange, saw the South & East region claim a resounding victory. Their talented "Paco Rabanne" team set the pace and hooked the laurels with an outstanding score of 413.34, outclassing their closest rivals by a clear margin of two percent.

A Show of Dominance

The Wales Halo and North & East Versailles teams secured the second and third places, respectively, but the spotlight undoubtedly belonged to the South & East region. The stellar performance of their riders, particularly Charlotte Dorey, left spectators and competitors awestruck.

Contributing both to the team victory and impressively shining in her individual performance, Dorey displayed remarkable horsemanship. Her meticulous preparation and dedication, guided by an excellent coaching and support staff, were evident in each of her high-scoring performances.

Region's Tradition of Excellence

The South & East region's success underscores its long-standing tradition of nurturing world-class dressage riders. Drawing from this rich lineage, the region's riders have maintained a consistent presence at the highest echelons of competition, contributing significantly to the region's reputation and fostering an infectious sense of regional pride.

Importance of the Inter Regional Dressage Competition

As a staple in the British Dressage calendar, the Inter Regional Dressage competition brings riders from diverse regions together. Imparting a unifying platform for competition, it also fuels the hunger for continuous improvement among the riders. The contributions of sponsors like shufflebottom.co.uk and fairfaxsaddles.com, have been indispensable in making this event a resounding success year after year.

Building on Victory

With the recent victory under their belts, the focus for all, especially standout performers like Charlotte Dorey, will be on leveraging this achievement to forge even greater success in future competitions, thereby upholding the region's legacy. The victory at Pickering Grange thus serves as a significant milestone - an affirmation of the effectiveness of the region's training, the commitment of the coaching and support staff, and the inspiring role of the sponsors.

With their sights set firmly on the future, the South & East region appears primed to produce more top-class riders, to compete and triumph at the highest levels, thus continuing its trend of excellence in dressage.

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