A Word of Caution to Horse Owners: The Dangers of Importing Unauthorised Veterinary Medication

As a horse owner, you may do everything in your power to ensure the well-being of your equine companion. Yet sometimes, in the process of looking for what's best for your horse, you might unknowingly traverse into risky territories. One such area is the importation of unauthorised veterinary medications from afar, which is not only illegal but potentially dangerous for your beloved equine friend. So before you click 'buy' on that overseas seller's website, take a few moments to saddle up and let us gallop through this crucial information together.

The Legal Maneuvers

The United Kingdom's Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD) has recently dealt with four cases pertaining to the unauthorised import of horse-care products. Parcels containing respiratory supplements and wormers sent from the United States were confiscated at the East Midlands airport. These products were not authorised for use in either Great Britain or Northern Ireland, and thus are deemed illegal.

Seize and Desist

Importing unauthorised veterinary medications into the UK is strictly against the law. If found guilty, you might face stringent enforcement action by the VMD which may include prosecution. Talk about plunging into a ditch without your horse!

Risky Business

Aside from the potential legal implications, the use of unauthorised equine medications pose serious risks to the health of your horse. There is no guarantee that these medications are safe, appropriate or even effective. "I hate to be the neigh-sayer in the room," exclaims Dave Rendle, a former president of the British Equine Veterinary Association, "but unauthorised medications could render your hard-earned money wasted and put your horse at serious risk."

Counterfeit Concerns

According to a spokesperson from VMD, unauthorized medications are more likely to be counterfeit or tied to illicit activities. Investigations reveal that unauthorized medicine importation frequently forms part of a larger network that supports illegalities and criminal syndicates. "It's like buying a racehorse, only to discover that it's an old donkey in disguise," quips the spokesperson, emphasizing the dangers associated with unauthorised medication.

A More Trustworthy Path

Rather than risking your horse's health and flirting with the law, it is recommended to stick with medications prescribed by a registered vet following a thorough diagnosis. This ensures that your horse receives the most appropriate and safe treatment. Remember, good intentions are not a substitute for the legally approved and safe treatment for your horse.

The importation and usage of unauthorised veterinary medications is a shortcut that could lead to long-term detriments for you and your horse. Have a conversation with a trusted veterinarian before exploring alternative medication sources. When it comes to horse health care, the race isn't always to the swift — safety should always come first!

Source: Horse & Hound