Sunset+Vine Paves the Way in Equestrian Sport Promotion with FEI Renewed Contract

A Galloping Step for Equestrian Sports

Get ready equestrian enthusiasts, the Fédération Equestre Internationale (FEI), the world governing body for equestrian sports, just announced the renewal of its partnership with Sunset+Vine, the global sports production and content business, a move seeming as graceful and powerful as a horse's trot.

Jumping, Dressage, and Eventing – A Triple Win

Under this renewed three-year contract, Sunset+Vine undoubtedly takes the reins in promoting and distributing media rights for FEI that cover three Olympic disciplines: Jumping, Dressage, and Eventing. It's not just a one jump, two jump, or triple jump kind of deal, but a triple win for equestrian sports fans worldwide!

Sunset+Vine – FEI Affiliation Clears the Hurdles

The partnership, smoother than a perfect piaffe, follows Sunset+Vine's two-years stint of consultancy, rights, and distribution arrangements with the FEI – a sign that they certainly know how to navigate the equestrian sports industry terrain.

Illuminating the Longines League of Nations™

Be sure to polish your riding boots because Sunset+Vine will also be stirring up more buzz around key events such as the Longines League of Nations™. This colosseum for the world's best equestrian talents brings together a thrilling competition format, which, with Sunset+Vine's expertise, will certainly gallop into new horizons.

Featuring the FEI's Grand Vision

Sunset+Vine isn’t just horsing around. Their commitment has paved the way to a wider audience appreciating equestrian sports, a testament to their expertise in sports production and content distribution. Such dedication is like winning the FEI's trust in a dressage event. The FEI believes that Sunset+Vine will continue to harness the growth potential of equestrian sports.

Keeping Up the Pace in the Equestrian Sports Industry

The partnership between Sunset+Vine and FEI is as significant in the industry as a perfect score in dressage. As the smile on a winning jumper, the FEI is elated to have the right partner in Sunset+Vine to boost its presence and reach in the equestrian world. It’s like having the perfect wing horse to ensure that the sport of equestrianism continues to trot gloriously into the sunset, not to forget, with a dash of vine.

In Conclusion

Think of this partnership as a long, exhilarating ride through the countryside: meandering through picturesque landscapes and thrilling terrains. The FEI and Sunset+Vine together offer such excitement for the next three years. So, equestrian enthusiasts, prepare to saddle up and enjoy this blended ride of promotion, distribution, and the love of equestrianism, stirring up a whirlwind of equine passion and commitment.