Equine Network Takes a Leap Forward for Horse Welfare

A recent announcement from Equine Network, America's largest membership-based equine business, has stirred excitement among equine enthusiasts. It seems the company is galloping ahead with a bold, fresh commitment to the welfare of horses: the establishment of the Equine Network Foundation.

Equine Network Foundation: An Advocate for Equine Welfare

The newly formed foundation, a not-for-profit organization, is dedicated to advancing the welfare and wellbeing of both equids and the equestrian community. The foundation's remit is broad, offering grants and services to horse rescues and other sectors of the industry. One of its early initiatives sees the long-running program, A Home for Every Horse, become part of the Equine Network Foundation.

A Home for Every Horse has been doing sterling work in the equine rescue field for over a decade. Its transition into the Equine Network Foundation marks a fitting evolution in the mission to protect and promote the wellbeing of all horses.

A Decade of Making a Difference

The foundation announcement was applauded by Melissa Kitchen, the President of the Equine Network Foundation. Drawing attention to the significant achievements of A Home for Every Horse, Kitchen expressed her excitement over the new direction. She said, "After ten years of meaningful work with A Home for Every Horse, the formation of the Equine Network Foundation is the natural next step."

Driven by a career-long focus on giving back to the horse, Kitchen views the foundation as the perfect vehicle for her mission. And she's not alone. Mike Jerina from Purina Animal Nutrition hailed A Home for Every Horse as an industry-changing program, helping thousands of horses find their 'forever homes'.

A Foundation Steeped in Compassion and Collaboration

While helping countless horses find new homes is indeed a significant achievement, it is just one aspect of A Home for Every Horse's work. The program also embodies the Equine Network's core values of compassion and collaboration. The newly formed Equine Network Foundation hopes to build upon this legacy and extend its reach, providing comprehensive support to the professionals and organizations dedicated to equine welfare.

Momentum Building for the Foundation

The announcement of the Equine Network Foundation has set the stage for a new chapter in equine welfare. The foundation is committed to a more compassionate, sustainable future for the equine industry. Equine Network, known for innovation, is once more blazing a trail through this initiative.

For more information about the Equine Network Foundation and how you can support this vital cause, visit https://www.equinenetworkfoundation.org.

Source: Press Release, "Equine Network Launches Foundation", TheHorse.com, March 21, 2024.