Evoke®: Stepping an Equestrian Milestone with the Coveted British Kitemark Certification

This isn't just horsing around – British brand evoke® has recently galloped its way to success by securing the prestigious British Kitemark certification. This award, beloved in the world of horse riding hats and jockey skulls, represents a significant leap in the company’s already sterling reputation for safety and quality.

Hopping Over Rigorous Obstacles to Achieve Certification

Getting the Kitemark certification is no walk in the park — or a trot around the paddock, for that matter. It involves an extensive audit of the company’s production processes, assuring that quality control measures are in place, and a firm compliance with safety regulations. Suffice to say, it isn’t for the faint-hearted or those with a loose rein on their products. Just as a horse must be well-trained to jump fences, a company must have its processes finely-tuned and on-point to achieve this certification. In Evoke®'s case, it’s clear this is an accolade well-deserved.

Evoke®: Adhering to the Course of Safety

Apart from securing the Kitemark certification, evoke®’s commitment to safety is further evidenced by its adherence to a slew of safety regulations. This includes conformity to PAS 015:2011, VG1, ASTM F1163-23, EN 1384, and CE/UKCA certification. In layman's terms, these are not mere acronyms arranged for dramatic effect, but high standards of safety that reassure customers that they're protected at every gallop, trot, or canter.

The Sterling Team behind the Silverware

Like any winning team, behind Evoke®'s success are individuals who embody the values of commitment, dedication, and hard work. Earning recognition isn't an individual sport – it is Vicky Mitson, the Managing Director, and Helen Riley, the Technical Director, who represent the power duo at the heart of this victory.

Moving Beyond the Canter: Exploring Further Strides of Success

In the course of this victory lap, it's important to acknowledge the role of research in fostering continued success. This might include delving into the specifics of the testing and auditing requirements for the British Kitemark certification. Similarly, taking a closer look at pivotal elements like safety regulations, production processes, and quality control measures, can provide potential insights. Chasing such in-depth knowledge is just one of the many trails leading to Evoke®’s future achievements. In the equestrian sphere, where the stakes are high and every jump matters, brands that prioritize safety truly stand apart. Evoke® illustrates not only the power of certification, but also the impact a commitment to safety and quality can have on a brand’s reputation and customer confidence. Brands that set their sights on such high standards definitely aren't horsing around. They are in it for the long ride, committed to providing top-tier protective equipment for equestrians around the world. More than a race, it’s a commitment to safety. And through securing the British Kitemark certification, Evoke®'s position as a front-runner in the industry is further entrenched, proving once again that they are always on the right track. Articles referenced: The original title of the article is "evoke® receives prestigious British Kitemark Certification" and "Evoke®: A British Brand Leading the Way in Riding Hat and Jockey Skull Safety with the Prestigious British Kitemark Certification".