Understanding The Intricacies of Equestrian World

Whether you're a seasoned equestrian, a horse-racing devotee, or a casual enthusiast, staying abreast with the latest happenings in the horse world is essential. From allegations of horse abuse to farewell tributes of legendary horses and much more, read on for the latest gossip, drama, and accolades on everything equestrian.

Swedish Showjumper: Victim or Offender?

In a world where animal rights are taken seriously, allegations of horse mistreatment often spark intense controversies. One such case involves Douglas Lindelöw, a European medal-winning Swedish showjumper. Following accusations of horse abuse, Lindelöw found himself suspended from national team activities and international competitions and has been reported to the police.

Proclaiming his innocence and refuting the accusations through a public statement, Lindelöw assured his care and training regimen for horses fell within established norms and regulations. However, the final judgment is still in the air. More details on this story can be found here.

Saying Goodbye to a Star: Seacookie TSF

It is hard to bid farewell to legendary horses, particularly those that have stolen the hearts of many. Such is the case of Seacookie TSF, William Fox-Pitt’s five-star-winning ride. At the ripe old age of 25, Seacookie TSF was humanely put down, marking the end of a glamorous career and a happy ten-year retirement.

Originally produced by German Olympic rider Ingrid Klimke, Seacookie TSF was spotted by William at Boekelo. Describing the horse as “a real athlete”, “light and extravagant”, William reminisces about the wonderful rides at the five-star level that the horse gave him. Read the full tribute to Seacookie TSF here.

Meet The New Owner of Puissance Super Star

For those unfamiliar with Mr Blue Sky UK, he is a much-adored puissance ride who won nine international puissances with Guy Williams. However, this tiptop horse has been sold to Elaine Annis and will now be competing in national level classes with Charlotte Walker. What a change for a champion horse!

Though Mr Blue Sky has a new owner and rider, fans can rest assured that he will still be taking on puissances with Guy Williams. Maybe he will even have a go at the Hickstead Derby this year! To learn all about this transfer, click here.

Subscribing to Horse & Hound: Your One-Stop Source

Being a horse aficionado isn't just a hobby, it's a lifestyle. In order to keep up with the constant ebb and flow of the horse world, subscribing to reputable sources like Horse & Hound is a must. Packed with breaking news, latest reports, interviews, nostalgia, vet and training advice is their handy weekly magazine that provides you with everything you need to stay on top of the horse world. Check out their subscription options here.


Navigating the complex arena of the modern equestrian world can seem daunting, but it doesn't have to be. By staying informed about the latest updates, you can continue to support your passion, be it for sports, horse care, or merely the love of these magnificent creatures, and always have a fun fact up your sleeve at the next gathering of horse enthusiasts.

Although like in every sport there might be controversies and sad news, the equestrian world never fails to fascinate, captivate, and bring joy to its followers. Happy riding!


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