The Journey to Paris Olympics 2024 Ramps Up

As the journey to Paris Olympics 2024 horses gallops apace, the eyes of the equestrian world are focused on Kronenberg, Netherlands, where a clutch of top British and international riders are contending this week. With both long- and short-format four-star events on the roster, this competition is particularly noteworthy in light of the stringent qualification criteria for Paris 2024. Riders such as Tom McEwen, David Doel, Tim Price, Astier Nicolas, and Chris Burton are amongst those competing this week.

International Equestrian Study Emphasizes Challenges in Horse Welfare and Rule Compliance

A recent study in the field of applied animal behaviour has discovered that dressage horses at the apex of the sport were more likely to be rated higher if they were behind the vertical. Led by Kathrin Kienapfel of the equine research group at the Swiss national stud, the study considered head-neck positions (HNPs) and "conflict behaviour" in horses competing in the grand prix special at CDI5*s in 2018 and 2019. Angles of poll, nasal plane and shoulders were analysed, as were behaviours such as tail-swishing and "unusual oral behaviour". The study concluded that horses with noselines further behind the vertical tended to score higher, eliciting concerns about animal welfare and rule adherence.

Cheltenham Festival Reflection

Retired jockey of high renown, Davy Russell, shares his insights on the 2024 Cheltenham Festival and critiques negativity around jump racing in an exclusive column. Davy recounts some of the stellar performances and the festival's atmosphere, further making a case against putting "more money at the top end" as a solution for levelling the playing field between Irish and British racing. He argues that such an approach would put undue strain on the base of the field, ultimately putting the sport's foundations at risk.

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Farewell to Prominent Equestrian Events

Equestrian sport enthusiasts will be saddened to hear of the loss of more major events from the calendar. Tweseldown is stepping up to host a replacement event for the recently abandoned Cirencester Park (1) at short notice. Moreover, the beautiful Blair Castle Horse Trials will not be running past 2024, signaling an end of an era for Scottish equestrianism.

Is it Time to Sell Your Horse?

Selling a beloved horse is a tough decision. Check out our guide: 'Is it Time to Sell? How to know when to part ways with your horse' for help in making this challenging choice.


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