In the world of equestrian sports, there's an undeniable thrill in tackling a brand new challenge. The 2024 Royal Windsor Horse Show in the United Kingdom was designed to do just that, presenting riders with a 12-fence rustic track, courtesy of renowned course architect, Lisa Kelly. Little did the participants know that amidst this challenging course, one heavyweight partnership would take the championship title with aplomb.

The Inception of A Challenge - Lisa Kelly Strikes Again

Known for her brilliant equestrian course designs, Lisa Kelly had assembled a fresh challenge for this year's horse show. The participants were taken from the comfort of the main ring and brought to the unfamiliar terrain of Frogmore Arena, and then onto the prestigious Castle Arena. This change in environment certainly spiced up the competition, adding a proverbial flavour that seasoned riders had hardly tasted before.

Unique Fences: Distinctive Tests Await the Riders

Every fence in the course, all twelve of them, had its own unique character, presenting a specific set of demands from horse and rider. Take the introduction, for instance, where an upright fence with a brush filler welcomed the competitors, setting the tone for more challenges to come.

As the competitors continued, they faced tougher tests, including a white willow tree-themed fence, which required absolute precision from both horse and rider. And then came the tricky water tray, a deceptive obstacle demanding focus and excellent balance. Apart from these, the course was also decked with thematic fences like the ladybird-themed fence which added an aesthetic appeal along with increased challenge.

A Walk in the Park - Adele Hanson and The Top Drawer's Triumph

In the midst of such intensified competition, one duo stood out - Adele Hanson and her heavyweight horse, The Top Drawer. Hanson's adept handling, together with The Top Drawer's agility, was an equestrian ballet that won hearts and the championship alike. As they courageously navigated through the arduous course, their partnership and understanding shone brightly against the others.

Beyond the Course - Heading Towards a Bright Future

The thrilling ride of the 2024 Royal Windsor Horse Show has prompted further research on the challenges unique to different horse show layouts. There is so much to explore about the effect of course designs on the horse-rider performance and the underlying psychology that goes into them.

A dedicated profile on Lisa Kelly, the architect behind the 2024 Royal Windsor working hunter course, is imperative for understanding her unique design philosophy and thought process that involves crafty challenges and aesthetic appeal.


The 2024 edition of the Royal Windsor Horse Show successfully brought forward an engrossing yet challenging stage for the horse-rider duos. Not only did it test their skills but also their partnership. The hard work put in by everyone involved was evident in the successful execution of the event which gloriously crowned Adele Hanson and The Top Drawer as the winners.