Meet the Classic-Winning Groom: Kerry Humphries

Whether she's on the side-lines watching a champion racehorse or actively participating in the equestrian sport, Kerry Humphries has a passion for horses that knows no bounds. Her recent association with the 1000 Guineas winner, Elmalka, a filly exhaustively trained by Roger Varian, is a testament to her dedication to the sport and those majestic creatures that define it. She believes that she has been part of an extraordinary journey as Elmalka rose from the last position to clinch the first place in an edge-of-your-seat racing event.

Riding Bridleless: A Unique Approach

While witnessing Elmalka's ascend was an unparalleled experience, Kerry's enthusiasm extends far beyond the thrill of the race. She has hitched her wagon to another horse, figuratively and literally – One Pekan, a retired racehorse. Kerry's unique style and skill of riding a horse without a bridle have gained her both admiration and curiosity.

One Pekan: A Partnership Born of Mutual Trust

When One Pekan retired from racing in 2017, it was Kerry who took him under her wings. With Kerry's guidance and companionship, One Pekan has not only been retrained excellently but has also been engaging in multiple activities together with Kerry. Showjumping, cross-country, and pleasure rides are some of the activities they enjoy together. This fearless duo has earned admiration and respect from equestrian enthusiasts everywhere. The partnership between Kerry and One Pekan is not only driven by professional training but also by mutual trust and synergy.

Embracing Every Moment: Life Lessons from the Racetrack

"You've got to enjoy every moment, because you never know when it might come to an end", reflects Kerry, explaining her philosophy towards life and her career. For her, working with One Pekan, overcoming challenges, and riding without the restraints of a bridle encapsulate the essence of her passion for horses and the equestrian world.

Surrounded by Champions: A Groom's Journey

Having had the chance to work closely with acclaimed trainers like Roger Varian for over a decade, Kerry has had the unique privilege to learn from the best in the field and understand the grueling world of racing and equestrian sports. Kerry's career as a groom is hallmarked by her dedication and her innate ability to form a deep bond with the horses she has worked with, including the inspiring Elmalka.

The Pursuit of Joy and Fulfillment

In the world of horse racing and equestrian sport, Kerry Humphries has found both her calling and her source of joy. For her, each day with her beloved horses, whether it’s Elmalka or One Pekan, is another opportunity to celebrate the incredible bond between human and horse. And as she continues to ride bridleless, champion her charges, and revel in the friendships formed, Kerry upholds the belief that in every moment, there is something to be cherished.