A Somerset Jewel: A Closer Look at College Farm

Ensconced in the picturesque landscapes of Tintinhull, Somerset, College Farm is a dream-come-true for anyone with a penchant for history, rural charm, and equestrian pursuits. Current market price stands at £1.45m - a bargain for a home that is more than just bricks and mortar.

Architect Schmi-What?

Step into the world of 'architectural finesse' with College Farm's red-brick façade and traditional features. Gosh, it's like living in your very own historical drama, but with Wi-Fi and better dental care. Research into the property's architectural style and history would indeed nicely complement those boxset binges.

Loosen Up Those Reins

Calling all horse lovers! This property offers six stables, a tack room, tool shed/workshop, field shelters, a feed room, and even a hay barn. That's right, it's not just a property, it's a potential petting zoo. But wait, there's more! Its floodlit outdoor arena is indeed a beacon for both amateur and professional equestrians alike. With numerous equestrian centres just a canter away, you can really saddle up and enjoy the ride.

Small Town, Big Attractions

Don't be fooled by Tintinhull's small-town vibe; there's more going on here than you imagine. You get a primary school, St Margarets parish church (Sunday roast comes with an optional sermon), tennis courts, a heated outdoor pool, and even a coffee shop-cum-village hall for those who need their caffeine in a community setting. The cherry on top? The renowned, National Trust-maintained Tintinhull House Gardens. Perfect for afternoon strolls and Pinterest-worthy picnics.

History and Horses: A Winning Combination

Historical properties with equestrian facilities offer more than just a unique living experience, they provide a narrative of a bygone era infused with the romance of equestrian pursuits. Opportunities are plenty here for the taking if you have an interest in both fields, or just an Instagram that needs an aesthetic revamp. The added bonus? Rise in property value due to their unique blend of features.

Education, Recreation, and Equestrian Domination

For families looking to relocate, a quality educational and recreational institution in the vicinity is as important as the house itself. Need we say more when we mention... say it with me now... College Farm!

To put the 'fun' back in real estate 'fundamentals', it's all about location, location, location, and College Farm is certainly an ideal choice with excellent schools and amenities.

To conclude, College Farm is just not another property on the market; it's a lifestyle upgrade. With easy access to amenities, its own set of equestrian facilities, and the stamp of historical legacy, it offers something else too - a story worth telling.