Discover Oakridge House: A Prime Equestrian Property Now Available in West Sussex

Every so often, a property comes on the market that truly shines. Whether it's the combination of history and modernity or the picturesque location, such winsome factors create unparalleled allure. Oakridge House near Thakeham village in West Sussex ticks all these boxes, presenting a rare opportunity for equestrian enthusiasts and those seeking space, privacy, and tranquility in a prime location.

More Than Just a Residence: A Complete Equestrian Estate

The beauty of Oakridge House extends beyond the four walls of the residence. Beyond the house, the property spans over 14 scenic acres - a veritable playground for lovers of the countryside and, of course, horses. With free-draining Greensand pasture, horses can be treated to top-notch conditions to gambol and train, making Oakridge House an ideal base for serious equestrian pursuits.

All necessary amenities, such as stables and an outdoor arena, are included in the property. These facilities serve as the perfect launching point for training, exercise, and enjoying horses in their element.

Location, Location, Location

As the saying goes, the three most important aspects of real estate are location, location, and location. Fortunately, Oakridge House holds a trump card in this respect. The stately home is conveniently situated a stone’s throw away from major roads and train stations ensuring ease of access, particularly valuable for those with a touch of wanderlust. Furthermore, with Gatwick Airport just 27 miles away, Oakridge House is a mere skip and a jump away from international shores.

Proximity to Top Equestrian Centers Adds Value

For those with a strong affinity for equestrian pursuits, the property's proximity to high-level competition and training venues heralds significant value. Oakridge House is within a short drive from Hickstead, a renowned equestrian venue in the UK, making it an excellent choice for anyone heavily involved in equestrian sports.

A House Brimming with Character and Charm

Oakridge House, originally part of the Old Rectory, is no ordinary residence. The property is a seamless blend of old and new, effortlessly retaining several vintage features including a Victorian-era washing machine. This fusion of the modern and antique brings charisma and a unique identity to the house, creating a home that impresses not just with its quality but also its character.

Further Considerations for Potential Buyers

If you’re considering stepping into the realm of equestrian property ownership, it may be worth exploring subjects such as the market trends, pricing, and demand for equestrian properties in West Sussex. Additionally, gaining more context about various equestrian sports and competition centers in the UK will serve as an immense advantage.

The history of Oakridge House and its past uses is also a fascinating area, providing deeper insights into its unique features. Lastly, understanding how locations near equestrian event locations impact property value could be crucial to making strategic investment decisions.

With its myriad advantages, Oakridge House stands as a shining example of an exceptional equestrian property. The stakes always run high in the equestrian property world – the right property enhances not just lifestyle but capital value too. And by the indication of Oakridge House, the gains are indeed handsome.

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