Tom McEwen and JL Dublin Command the Spotlight at Kentucky Three-Day Event

In the heart-stirring world of equestrian sport, unexpected twists are as common as beautiful trot canters. At the illustrious Kentucky Three-Day Event, British competitor Tom McEwen and his horse JL Dublin demonstrated this vividly, taking over the lead following a performance he humorously labeled as a "not so great" test.

From a Subpar Performance to a Stunning Lead

With a score standing at 24.6, McEwen delightfully dislodged overnight leaders Yasmin Ingham and Banzai Du Loir. While his performance may not have stunned viewers, his astonishing rise to the top put everyone on notice. As a reminder, JL Dublin, the horse orbited to the limelight, is famed for securing second place in the previous year's event. Interestingly, this horse is jointly claimed by Jo and Di Lander.

A Glimpse into the Kentucky Three-Day Event

As one of the world's most prestigious dressage tournaments, the Kentucky Three-Day Event is famed for its rigorous trials that assess both the horse and rider's proficiency in multiple areas. These include dressage, cross-country, and show-jumping, making it a multi-disciplined, test of prowess and capability.

Nicola Wilson: The Unmissable Guiding Hand

Not to be brushed aside is the impalpable influence of McEwen's trainer, Nicola Wilson. A highly proficient equestrian herself, her guidance has been catalytic in navigating McEwen's career to this point and beyond. Wilson's expertise and knowledge certainly create a significant impact when preparing both McEwen and JL Dublin for high-stakes competitions such as the Kentucky Three-Day Event.

The Challenge of External Distractions

Another element is the potential for distractions, which can significantly affect equestrian outcomes. Despite the limelight's heat, both spectator attention and the media's eager gaze, McEwen's focus remained unwavering. This demonstrates his unyielding determination to succeed, a characteristic that will come in handy in the next stages.

Looking Ahead: The Selection Process for Paris 2024

Securing a spot for major equestrian events like the Paris 2024 Olympics is a challenging endeavor, dependent on a combination of factors such as performance history, compatibility, and thriving under extreme pressure. With his recent demonstration, McEwen certainly is on the right track to potentially join the British team for the Olympics.


In summary, Tom McEwen's exploit at the Kentucky Three-Day Event is a bold testament to his talent, resilience, and grit as an equestrian. Navigating through a less than perfect test, he has shown that patience, hard work, and a dash of humor can lead to surprising results. Topics around the history and significance of dressage, Tom McEwen's career, the role of his trainer, and the influence of external distractions certainly pique curiosity for anyone intrigued by equestrian sport.

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