The Epsom Favorite: City of Troy

The Epsom Derby is drawing closer and the spotlight shines brighter than ever on a certain young colt. City of Troy, the widely lauded champion juvenile has been hailed as a "megastar colt". His two-year-old record immaculately stands in all its glory, undefeated, drawing parallels to the legendary Frankel. Despite a surprising defeat during the 2000 Guineas at Newmarket, his trainer, none other than the legendary Aidan O'Brien, remains steadfast in his faith in Troy's abilities.

The Man behind the Colt's Success: Aidan O'Brien

O’Brien, renowned for ushering numerous top-tier racehorses into stardom, can't help but sing Troy's praises. "I'm not sure we've ever sent a horse with as much ability to Epsom for this race," proclaims the esteemed trainer. And if you are familiar with O'Brien's prodigious career, you know that is high praise indeed. "He's got a great nature, balance, and nimbleness, which will serve him well on the Epsom course."

City of Troy: Betting Favorite at Epsom Derby

City Of Troy’s achievements have catapulted him to the top in betting markets for the Epsom Derby. As for O'Brien, he's brimming with confidence that the '"megastar colt" will continue his glowing form through his three-year-old campaign.

The Secret to City Of Troy's Success

So, what is it that makes City Of Troy such a sensation? According to O'Brien, the secret is in the horse's singularity. "He's got a very distinctive way of running, which is quite unusual," notes O'Brien. "He's got a lot of natural ability, and he's relaxed, which assures he conserves energy and employs it when it matters the most."

Can City Of Troy continue his remarkable run at the Epsom Derby?

The Epsom Derby is inching closer. All eyes will be on City Of Troy as he looks to further his astounding record and validate his position as one of the premier racehorses in the world today. As O'Brien casts a watchful eye over the colt’s training, with all his years of expertise, it’s little wonder that Troy is the firm favourite to soar past the finish line first at Epsom.

But, will he weather the storm of expectation and claim the revered trophy? Only time will reveal the next exciting chapter in the tale of this extraordinary horse. But one thing is definite: City Of Troy is a horse to watch.

So, keep your binoculars ready race-fans, because when City of Troy takes to the field, the ground rumbles, and records are set to wilt!

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