Dazzling Dressage: Violet Hawkins and Glenlichd Fair Un Square

In the world of dressage, few have shone brighter than youthful prodigy, Violet Hawkins, and her pony, Glenlichd Fair Un Square. Their prowess was amply displayed at the 2024 NAF Five Star Winter Dressage Championships. Their performance in the Baileys Horse Feeds Novice Freestyle Gold Championship demonstrated the remarkable resilience, hard work, and dedication required to participate in these extremely intricate and competitive equestrian events.

Scoring Big in the Arena

The unforgettable performance by the pair led to an impressive score of 70.28%. Judge Pam Bushell bestowed upon them an even higher marking of 73.89%. The dynamic duo couldn't eclipse the stupendous score of 75.37% by Jezz Palmer and Toddington Debut, nevertheless, they lit up the blue-tinged indoor arena at Addington Manor Equestrian Centre, capturing the admiration of spectators and fellow participants alike.

A Tale of Training and Bonding

Violet began training with Glenlichd Fair Un Square, a 12.2hh pony, at a very young age. Countless hours spent developing their partnership paid off in their synchronised movements and connection. Each pirouette and side-step was a testament to their shared understanding and rapport, impressively honed through years of consistent training and unwavering dedication.

A Platform for Budding Talent

The Winter Dressage Championships have continually served as a valuable platform for young riders like Violet to present their skills before a discerning audience. Increased popularity has seen the annual event attract more participants and produce more thrilling displays of dressage, despite formidable challenges presented by Covid-19 pandemic.

Covid-19 and the Equestrian World

The recent pandemic has considerably rocked the equestrian world, but has not extinguished its spirit. The continued hosting of the Winter Dressage Championships amid a global health crisis highlights the unyielding determination and adaptability of the equestrian community.

The Role of Music in Dressage

Interestingly, music also plays a central role in dressage rehearsals. A carefully selected soundtrack can enhance the overall presentation of the horse and rider, allowing for a more expressive performance. Thus, music isn't just for dance-offs; equestrian routines, too, can benefit from the right rhythm! In conclusion, Violet Hawkins and Glenlichd Fair Un Square dazzled at the 2024 NAF Five Star Winter Dressage Championships, demonstrating not only talent and training but ceaseless dedication to their craft. Regardless of scoring, they have contributed to bolstering the future popularity of dressage. Now, let's sit tight and wait for their next spectacular performance! References: 1. 'West End or dressage' choice sealed for pony rider starring at Winter Dressage Championships 2. A Star Performance: Violet Hawkins and Glenlichd Fair Un Square Shine at the 2024 Winter Dressage Championships