Understanding and Supporting Your Horse's Tendon Health

When it comes to equine care, maintaining the overall health of our hoofed friends is paramount. However, one area that often escapes our attentions is the health of the horse's tendons. Tendon health is critical as it aids in joint movement and stability, aiding our equines in their day-to-day activities. Unfortunately, as with every creature, age and physical stress can lead to deterioration in tendon health, leading to dreadful conditions like tendinitis.

Recognizing signs of tendon issues

Present research suggests that nearly 70% of horse owners have seen signs of tendinitis in their horses. These signs can vary from swelling to heat in the tendons without noticeable lameness. If these signs are not nipped in the bud, they can lead to an increase in the risk of tendinitis – a condition notorious for its unsure healing timeline and an alarming relapse rate of 80%.

Addressing the issue of tendon health

The pertinent question here is - What can be done to support the health of our horse’s tendons and prevent tendinitis? Audevard, known for their high-quality equine supplements, provides an answer to this question with their innovative product – Ekyflex Tendon EVO. This product is a direct response to the problem of progressive degeneration of tendons.

The Science behind Ekyflex Tendon EVO

Age and exercise both play part in the degeneration of tendon fibers, leading to breakdown of their structure and functioning, thus making them prone to injuries and inflammation. The proprietary formula of Ekyflex Tendon EVO, however, works to prevent this degradation and maintain the good health of tendons. With consistent use, the supplement assists in maintaining the strength of the tendon fibers, thus reducing the risk of tendinitis and promoting overall joint health.

Unpacking Ekyflex Tendon EVO

The Ekyflex Tendon EVO stands out in the wide expanse of equine supplements, thanks to its unique blend of ingredients that targets the specific needs of horse tendons. These ingredients work together to ensure the overall strength and health of tendons.

Prevention Better Than Cure

By simply incorporating Ekyflex Tendon EVO in your horse's routine, you can support their tendon health while reducing the risk of problematic conditions such as tendinitis. With proven effectiveness and usability, the Ekyflex Tendon EVO is the perfect solution for those horse owners who wish nothing more than the best for their equine companions.


Supporting horse tendon health is key to maintaining their overall well-being and to prevent the onslaught of conditions like tendinitis. With products like Ekyflex Tendon EVO, the owners can take proactive steps towards care of tendons, promoting overall joint health and reducing the risk of tendinitis. By embracing this innovative supplement into your horse's regimen, you are setting your horse on a path of a healthy and joyful life.

Source: Horse & Hound