Renowned in the equestrian world, Rascher Hopes – affectionately referred to as ‘Streaky’ – etches an example of grit, determination, and the wonder of a big heart within the annals of dressage history. Despite a small stature, this extraordinary horse showcases that size does not preclude one from reaching the zenith in the realm of dressage.

A Unique Beginning

Rascher Hopes’ extraordinary journey to the pinnacle of the sport commenced through an unusual swap deal, involving a mare that was deemed unrideable from Denmark. This swap ended up introducing him to Emile Faurie, an esteemed dressage rider.

Forging a Remarkable Legacy with Emile Faurie

Rascher Hopes, partnered with Emile, left an indelible mark in the competitive arena. Together, their dedication and tenacity led them to secure impressive accolades–bringing home a team bronze at the 2003 European Dressage Championships, and achieving an extraordinary landmark as the highest-scoring British horse at the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

Size is Not a Barrier in Team Dressage

Rascher Hopes stands tall in the annals of equestrian sport despite his diminutive size—just 16 hands. Through impressive performances and unwavering commitment, he won a special spot in the hearts of fans and competitors. His legacy revitalized the belief that a smaller horse can succeed in the high-stakes world of dressage.

Rascher Hopes' Thriving Retirement

The remarkable horse retired in 2006, following an illustrious competitive career. Today, he lives with Hilary Macdonald in Gloucestershire. His golden years are marked by prosperity — a testament to the exceptional care and attention he’s enjoyed. This much admired dressage star continues to inspire the equestrian community with his remarkable longevity.

Rascher Hopes: More than Just a Competitor

More than his competitive record, Rascher Hopes's influence lies in his ability to inspire. He made it possible for other small horses to aim for and successfully compete at the highest level, debunking the myth that size limits a horse's performance in dressage. His life story underscores the fact that with the right blend of training, care, and commitment, even small-sized horses can etch remarkable stories into the fabric of equestrian sports.

As Rascher Hopes continues to enjoy his retirement, his endurance and successful career remain a source of inspiration for horse enthusiasts worldwide. His awe-inspiring journey from a chance encounter to standing on the Olympic podium is emblematic of the power of determination, commitment, and the expansive strength of a big heart within a small body.


1. A Small Horse with a Genuinely Big Heart: Rascher Hopes' Inspiring Journey to a Thriving Retirement