Riding High on Team Spirit: British Eventing Launches New Grassroots Team Events

Creating ripples in the equestrian community, British Eventing (BE) announces two new grassroots team events, envisioned and brought to life by BEDE Events. Marked on the calendar at Catton Park, Norfolk, and Brightling Park, East Sussex, these competitive sporting events are designed to usher in an element of fun and dynamism, building camaraderie among riders and creating opportunities for individuals to represent specific brands and compete in a team-oriented environment [1].

A Galloping Trend in Equestrian Sports: The Rise of Team Competitions

The advent of these team events shines a spotlight on an emerging global trend - team competitions fostering collaboration among riders and encouraging the growth and popularity of equestrian sports. The goal, simply put, is to entice new entrants to engage with seasoned British Eventing members, immersing them in the world of affiliated competitions and grooming them for the road ahead [2].

Paving the Way for Diversity in Eventing: Inclusive Horseback Riding Competitions

Setting foot at Catton Park? You'll need a rider at BE90 and BE100 levels to compete. Casting your gaze towards Brightling Park? Your team will need the added prowess of a rider at BE80. By putting these prerequisites in place, BE ensures that the events welcome a diverse range of riders and skill levels, making the fun and thrill of competition all the more accessible [1].

The Cherry on Top: Prizes to Spur the Competitive Spirit

And if the pure exhilaration of competing isn't motivation enough, take note of the exciting prizes that await the winners. A cool kitty of £1,500 worth of goods beckons at each event, fueling the ambitions of riders and teams to participate and take their shot at the glory [1].

A Word from the Wise: Stuart Buntine on Team Competitions

Stuart Buntine, the Director of BEDE Events, speaks on the mission of these events, "Our aim is to foster a fun-filled and engaging environment for riders to spotlight their skills and teamwork. We anticipate that these team competitions will provide a platform for riders to connect, form lasting relationships, and inspire newcomers to join the competitive scene" [1].

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To catch the latest updates on BEDE Events and their forthcoming grassroots team events, head over to their official website: bede-events.co.uk [1].

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