If you've ever been captivated by the majestic beauty of dressage horses or held your breath while watching the Olympic equestrian competitions, you've likely admired the masterful work of Alan Davies. A veritable titan in the equestrian world, Davies needs no introduction. Known for being Team GB Groom of the Year (2015), Horse & Hound Groom of the Year (2016), and the FEI Best Groom award (2017), he's groomed top-level equine talent for prestigious events. Now, he's sharing his expertise in a six-part series on British Dressage's YouTube channel named #WelfareWednesday.

Spotting the Marks of a Healthy Horse

First among the topics to discuss, however, is recognizing signs of a healthy horse. After all, how better to start than by understanding what a fit and healthy horse looks like? Through his years of experience, Davies has become an expert at evaluating everything from a horse's coat condition to its energy levels, even its mood! So, grasp your notepad as he details the physical and behavioral indicators signaling a horse in good health.

A Race Horse's Routine: More Than Just Gallops and Jumps

It's not all about the high-stakes races or the impeccably performed dressage routines. A hefty chunk of a horse's life, according to Davies, should involve a well-balanced routine encompassing stable time, exercise, turnout, and that all-important horse chit-chat, socialization. Tips for creating a perfectly balanced schedule that meets a horse's emotional and physical needs pour aplenty from Davies—and these are golden snippets you wouldn't want to miss.

The Perfect Bridle Fit: Nailing the Nitty-Gritties of Equestrian Equipment

Ask any rider, and they will concur: the outfit isn't the hardest part about riding; it's the fitting of equestrian equipment. Saddles, bridles, boots—they all need to fit just right. And who better to discuss this than Davies? He meticulously details the process of correctly fitting and applying these crucial pieces, underscoring the importance of a horse's comfort and safety while sporting them.

The Dressy Bits About Caring For Dressage Horses

Davies' expertise is especially pertinent for those caring for dressage horses. These heart-capturing dancers require specific care—particular attention to leg and hoof care—to maintain their performance and health. Hear it from the top groomer in the industry as he offers a glimpse into the care routines and techniques unrivaled in effectiveness.

Keeping it Clean: Understanding 'Clean Sport'

Come competitions, it's not just about the grit and glamour; it's about 'clean sport' too. This concept, integral to all aspects of horse care, ensures a healthy environment for horses and adheres to the rules and regulations keeping the competition fair for all. Davies drills deep into the significance of 'clean sport,' rounding out his series on a note of integrity and sportsmanship.

In sum, the #WelfareWednesday series provides unparalleled insights into maintaining a happy and healthy horse, all while enhancing their performance. It opens doors to little-known aspects of horse care, from recognizing health signs to understanding the essential elements of 'clean sport.' In taking this journey with Alan Davies, you guarantee your horses the very best in care, setting them up to truly shine.


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