A Spectacular Victory: Willem Greve and Highway TN N.O.P

Imagine it: you're the last rider to jump-off in a sold-out arena. You're on home terrain, the energy of the crowd throbbing in your ears. The turns are risky, the speed is thrilling, and you're laying everything on the line for one shot. This is precisely what Willem Greve faced--and successfully navigated--alongside his stalwart 12-year-old stallion, Highway TN N.O.P.

A Legendary Finish

The duo's historic performance in the Rolex Grand Prix will easily go down in equestrian history as one of the most thrilling races to date. Coming in right at the end, they navigated the Louis Konickx-designed track in a heart-stopping 33.70 seconds, a hair's breadth faster than world no. 1 Henrik von Eckermann. This remarkable feat handed Greve and his able steed an unexpected victory: the first Dutch win in Rolex Grand Slam history.

Home Turf Triumph

Willem Greve

For Greve, this victory was particularly sweet, given that it happened on home ground, the Dutch Masters. This win went beyond just accolades or prize money – it was a literal realization of a childhood dream. Overwhelmed and victorious, Greve thanked his extraordinary horse for his courage and unyielding spirit, applauding his unflinching will to win.

The Rise of a Hometown Hero

Greve's victory solidified his status as a hometown hero and the Rolex Grand Slam live contender. However, his rise to success wasn't without its share of trials. For years, Highway TN N.O.P was the second choice to another horse in Greve's stable - Grandorado TN N.O.P. Even though many doubted Highways scope of capabilities, Greve's faith in him turned the tables. He nurtured the stallion patiently, allowing him to grow into his potential at his own pace.

The Highway to Success

Patience and Perseverance

The journey was slow, steady, and filled with challenges. When Grandorado fell out, Highway had to step up and shoulder the responsibility. Far from shying away, Highway embraced the challenge, asking: "Why didn't you ask me before?" Looking back, Greve felt this strategy was in the stallion's best interest as it allowed him to grow stronger and gain confidence under the guidance of Grandorado.

Preparing for the Future

The victorious journey isn't over! With the upcoming 2024 Paris Olympic Games, there's no time to rest. Even though Greve has two stellar stallions at the ready, he is aware of the unpredictability that comes with participation. The focus will be on creating a sound plan for both stallions and getting them prepared for the season.

In Conclusion

The journey to success is long and tedious, and no one knows it better than Willem Greve. From being the last rider of the leap-off to emerging a hometown hero, Greve's journey with Highway was punctuated with life lessons of patience, perseverance and hard work. As the old saying goes, "good things come to those who wait" - this couldn't be truer for Willem Greve and his faithful companion Highway TN N.O.P.

You see, in the world of horse racing, dreams do come true.