Zoetis and Horses for Mental Health: An Equine Alliance Promoting Emotional Wellness

Take a stroll through the frontier where animal healing and human compassion intersect. Equine-assisted therapy, an arena where the noble horse syncs rhythm with our psychological wellbeing. This is where the therapeutic magic unfolds, and where non-profit entity Horses for Mental Health (HMH) gallops with full force. Aiding its purposeful strides is the world-renowned firm, Zoetis U.S. Equine Division, adding commendable strengths of innovation and benefaction to the run. Read on to unfold this beautiful narrative of partnership and resilience.

Zoetis and HMH: Pioneering Progress in Mental Health Care

Since 2022, HMH and Zoetis U.S. Equine Division have been cantering side by side, championing the noble cause of 'Seen Through Horses Campaign.' This harmonious partnership now extends to 2024, marking another extraordinary year of raising funds and awareness for the mental health sector. Already, their collective endeavors have resulted in a whopping $180,000 raising for relevant charities. Now, that's what you call a race worth running!

Equine Therapy: Turning the Tables on Mental Health

The potent therapeutic potential of equine-assisted therapy is the fuel propelling HMH. This non-profit organization seeks to alleviate the burdens of mental ailments by harnessing the healing powers of horses. Often, these gentle equines have provided solace to struggled souls where conventional therapies fell short. And when they gallop, they carry with them an aura of hope and strength, setting a much-needed pace of recovery for those grappling with emotional challenges.

Zoetis: Enhancing Horse Care, Empowering Therapeutic Programs

At the other end of this benevolent partnership, Zoetis U.S. Equine Division has been making notable strides in advancing equine care. Known for innovating stalwart products like Quest® Plus Gel, Dormosedan® Gel, Pro-Stride® APS, and Core EQ Innovator®, this organization is making sure that our four-legged therapists are in the pink of health! Keeping their equine partners hale and hearty is not just good for horses – it's imperative for the successful flow of therapeutic programs.

Purposeful Partnership: The Triumph of Collaboration

In the grand scheme of social improvement and therapeutic development, corporate sponsors like Zoetis play an unmistakably crucial role. Their support establishes the lifeline of transformative initiatives that aim to touch lives and instill hope. With Zoetis standing tall as the Title Sponsor of the Seen Through Horses Campaign, the degree and scope of HMH's impact, indeed, reach unprecedented altitudes.

As corporate forces merge harmoniously with non-profit aspirations, an ecosystem fostering change and development thrives. Cheers to the power of collaboration and the continuance of this remarkable partnership between Horses for Mental Health and Zoetis Equine.

To stay updated on HMH's initiatives and to participate in the Seen Through Horses Campaign, you can visit their website www.horsesformentalhealth.org.

This heartening tale of equine therapy, corporate sponsorship, and their impact on mental health is an unsung narrative that deserves more attention and spread. So, saddle up for an enlightening investigation into related intriguing topics!


"Horses for Mental Health Continues Partnership with Zoetis Equine as Title Sponsor of Seen Through Horses Campaign 2024."

"Horses for Mental Health and Zoetis Equine: A Powerful Partnership Transforming Lives through Equine-Assisted Therapy"