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What does a fleece rug do for horses?

Picture this: it's a crisp morning, and your horse is giving you that "brr, it's chilly" look. What do you do? That's where our cuddly horse fleeces step in! Just like your favourite snug jumper, a fleece rug provides an extra layer of warmth for your horse. But it's not all about heat. A fleece rug, like the Gallop Equestrian Jersey Mesh Cooler Rug, also helps wick away moisture after a workout or bath, keeping your horse cosy and dry.

When should I put a fleece on my horse?

Ah, the eternal question, just like pondering when to swap your iced latte for a pumpkin spice. In essence, you should consider a fleece when the weather turns cooler or after your horse has had a strenuous workout or a bath. Remember, every horse is different, so always check if your steed feels cold before dressing them up in their 'fleece onesie'. And when you decide to do so, the Weatherbeeta Scrim Cooler Standard Neck is a fantastic choice.

Should you put a fleece on a wet horse?

You bet! Just like you wouldn't sit in your soggy gym clothes, your horse would appreciate the same courtesy. A wet horse can feel chilly and uncomfortable. A fleece rug, especially one as fabulously absorbent as the Rhinegold Box Weave Cooler, can help dry your horse while also providing warmth.

What does a cooler rug do for horses?

Let's get one thing straight - a cooler rug doesn't come with a built-in AC unit (sorry, horses). It's actually a breathable rug designed to help a hot or sweaty horse cool down slowly, preventing a chill. It's like the horse equivalent of a post-workout cool down. Our Hy DefenceX System Protex Summer Sheet is a top-notch example of a cooler rug that balances cooling and coverage perfectly.

What is a cooler rug for?

The job of a cooler rug is pretty cool (pun intended). It's designed to keep horses comfortable during various scenarios. After a strenuous workout when your horse is sweaty, or even after a wash on a cool day, a cooler rug can help your horse dry off without catching a chill. And let's face it, the Shires Tempest Original Scrim Cooler Rug looks pretty stylish too!

The 'Horse Fleece & Cooler Rugs' collection at Just Horse Riders is brimming with options that meet these needs. Whether your horse is just finishing a gruelling jumping session or coming in from a brisk autumnal graze, we have a rug to keep them comfortable. From the cosy Gallop Equestrian Jersey Mesh Cooler Rug to the chic Shires Tempest Original Scrim Cooler Rug, our collection is tailored to ensure that your horse stays dry, warm, and ready for whatever the UK weather has in store.

In the world of horse care, understanding when and how to use fleece and cooler rugs is essential. It's not just about keeping your horse looking like the belle of the ball (though let's face it, they always do). It's about ensuring they're comfortable, healthy, and ready for their next adventure. Our rugs are the perfect blend of function and fashion, ensuring your horse is always looking their best and feeling even better.

At Just Horse Riders, we are your go-to source for horse rugs in the UK. We offer a wide selection of fleeces and cooler rugs designed to meet the varying needs of your equine friends. Whether it's a lightweight summer sheet or a warm fleece rug, we've got you covered. So, step into our online store and let us help you find the perfect rug for your horse's needs.