Bimeda Bimectin Paste - N/A
This product is a yellow, gel-like oral paste of uniform consistency, containing 18.7mg/g ivermectin and 20mg/g apple flavouring. It is indicated for the treatment of parasitic infestations in horses due to large and small strongyles, lungworms, pinworms, ascarids, hairworms, large-mouth...
Bimeda Bimectin Pour-On Gun - N/A
This product is the applicator gun for use with bimectin pour-on.
Bimeda Convital R - N/A
This product is a highly concentrated, palatable supplement which contains seven essential vitamins and eleven vital minerals and trace elements, in a balanced ratio specifically formulated for horses in training. It is recognised worldwide as an essential element in the...
Bimeda Cosecure Lamb Bolus - N/A
This product is for use in areas of copper and selenium deficiencies and for the improvement of cobalt supply in ruminating lambs over 6 weeks of age and weighing under 25kg body weight. 50 Pack.
Bimeda Ectofly Applicator - N/A
This product is an applicator gun for use with ectofly.
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