With a firm commitment to the betterment of equestrian sports, Fédération Équestre Internationale (FEI) Sport Forum 2024 once again led the charge for groundbreaking conversations on equine welfare. Held in the picturesque city of Lausanne at the prestigious IMD Business School, this annual assembly convened the sport's influential figures and stakeholders keen to discuss the sport's future.

Horse Welfare Takes the Spotlight

The forum's 13th edition magnified the importance of horse welfare, echoing the FEI’s core principles. Ingmar De Vos, the current FEI President, set the tone right from his opening remarks. Rather than ride high on the year’s triumphs specifically the Longines League of Nations and the FEI World Cup Finals' successes, he drew attention to horse well-being.

Call to Action: Casade for Horse Wellbeing

De Vos made a compelling plea to all attendees to share insights and ideas that could bolster horse well-being initiatives. This was on the heels of the Equine Ethics and Wellbeing Commission, a project birthed by the FEI.

The commission proactively advocates for horse welfare and protection in all facets of equestrian sports. It had drawn up recommendations and findings that would pave the way for even better practices for equine welfare.

Riding into the Future with Power Collaborations

Forum attendees had the rare chance to brainstorm with experts, pool resources, and strategize about the way forward for equestrian sports in a series of workshops, panel discussions, and presentations. At the heart of all these interactions was the shared vision of horse welfare.

Galloping towards Wellness with the FEI Grooms Charter

An impressive stride towards horse welfare was the introduction of the FEI Grooms Charter. This initiative explicitly catered to grooms, a vital yet often overlooked group of support staff in equestrian sports. With the charter in place, grooms would experience improved working conditions, thereby enriching their interactions with horses and subsequently enhancing horse welfare.

A Forward-Leap for Fair Play and Sportsmanship

As the landscape of equestrian sports evolves, the FEI remains unwavering in promoting horse welfare and upholding the noble principles of fair play, sportsmanship, and reverence for horses. The FEI Sports Forum 2024 was an essential step in this direction, highlighting the organization's commitment to equestrian sports and horse well-being, lest we forget these magnificent creatures are the heart and soul of the sport.

It is evident that the FEI is poised to continue leading the charge for horse welfare in the years to come, making the world of equestrian sports even better for humanity's noble friends – horses.


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