The FEI Sports Forum 2024 had plenty of interesting and compelling dialogues, but the second day was marked by three crucial themes- FEI Championships, safeguarding, and gender equality. These subjects stole the limelight, sparking thorough and in-depth discussions that provided a wealth of information and direction for the future of equestrian sports.

Preserving the FEI Championships: A Critical Call to Action

The session underlining the FEI Championships left a significant impression on attendees, with equestrian aficionados acknowledging the high stakes associated with preserving existing Championships. Notably, conversations in this part of the forum revolved around the economic model and the requirements for keeping the Championships intact. Here, FEI Deputy Legal Director Áine Power led an insightful and comprehensive analysis on the day's topic.

Safeguarding: A Must-Have Policy for Equestrian Sports

A different session had us shifting gears to safeguarding, a topic that carries immense relevance in today’s sporting world. The highlight of this segment was its emphasis on the creation of a national safeguarding policy in equestrian sports. It underscored the importance of instituting a holistic approach to foster a safe and respectful environment for athletes, thereby protecting them and the integrity of the sport.

Nurturing Gender Equality: A Stride towards Progressive Sportsmanship

Another predominant theme of the day was gender equality. The role of diversity, inclusion, and equality in equestrian sports was brought to the panel, with a look into their profound impact on athletes and the equestrian world. To no surprise, this part of the forum carried the promise of instigating positive change, fueling the mission to make equestrian sports an equitable and inclusive arena.

FEI Sports Forum 2024: A Platform for Change

All in all, the FEI Sports Forum 2024 delivered a platform for holding crucial conversations around the challenges facing equestrian sports. The deliberations sparked on the second day of the forum have the potential to shape the course of the sport, ensuring it remains a sturdy and accessible community for the generations to come.

Further Research: Paving the Way towards Improvement

While the forum was indeed enlightening, it made clear that further research needed. Interrogation into the economic model essential for the continuity of FEI Championships, understanding the process of implementing a national safeguarding policy in equestrian sports, and dissecting the role of gender equality, diversity, and inclusion demand more exploration. The findings from these investigations hold the key to unlocking a future where equestrian sports continue to thrive and evolve in a dynamic sports landscape.