Are Horses Healthier Now Than 20 Years Ago?

Some of us remember a time when floppy disks were all the rage, 'The Fresh Prince' was still on air, and horses... well, let's just say their health regime was a tad different than today! Over the past two decades, our equine buddies have been treated to an impressive evolution in care. Much like us transitioning from baggy jeans to skinny jeans, horse care has seen monumental shifts in nutrition, exercise, and veterinary care. Let's take a closer gander at these, shall we?

Nutrition - It's Not Just Hay Anymore!

DODSON & HORRELL DAILY VITAMINS & MINERALSDODSON & HORRELL DAILY VITAMINS & MINERALS - If there's one thing our four-legged friends enjoy, it's a good meal! Gone are the days when oats and hay were the star players. Today, we've got a buffet of nutritional supplements ensuring that Mr. Ed is not just chatting away but also gleaming with health. Research has not only highlighted the importance of equine nutrition but has paved the way for low-starch diets, probiotics, and a perfect balance of essential nutrients. "Horse-tastic" isn't it?

Exercise - More Than Just A Trot in The Park

Ever noticed a horse's envy when it spots you in your yoga class? No? Well, they might not be yearning for a downward dog, but regular exercise is right up their alley! Besides the obvious muscle and bone development, exercise promotes happiness and general well-being. Think about it: would you prefer lounging on your couch all day or a fun day out at the park? Most horses today have routines and conditioning programs designed just for their specific needs. And for those occasional sore muscles? Why, there's DODSON & HORRELL DEVIL'S CLAW ROOTDODSON & HORRELL DEVIL'S CLAW ROOT to aid joint mobility. But remember, no mares in foal allowed!

The Great Leap in Veterinary Care

Picture this: It's 2003. Your horse is looking a tad under the weather, and the vet's approach? "Maybe give him a bit more hay?" Fast forward to 2023, and we've got advanced diagnostic tools, better treatment plans, and more specialization in equine care than ever before! From stem cell therapies to chiropractic treatments, the realm of veterinary medicine has taken a quantum leap in ensuring our equine buddies stay in top shape. Also, can we have a round of applause for the rise in preventive care? It's always better to stop a problem before it starts!

The Supplements Galore

DODSON & HORRELL GROUND CHASTE TREE BERRIESDODSON & HORRELL GROUND CHASTE TREE BERRIES - With the ever-growing understanding of equine nutrition, we've seen the introduction of myriad supplements tailored to our horses' specific needs. Take the Ground Chaste Tree Berries, for example. They don't just sound fancy but support hormonal function, especially in our more "seasoned" horse pals. Ah, the joys of gracefully aging!

And speaking of top-notch supplements, allow me to introduce the magnum opus of joint care: SCIENCE SUPPLEMENTS FLEXABILITY PLUSSCIENCE SUPPLEMENTS FLEXABILITY PLUS. Ever heard of a joint supplement with not one but TWO clinical and scientific studies under its belt? This product isn't playing around. From glucosamine to hyaluronic acid, it's a symphony of ingredients working in harmony to ensure your horse's joints can give a ballet dancer a run for their money.

Hoofing It Right!

Hooves are to horses what shoes are to us. And just as we don't appreciate a shoe bite, horses aren't too keen on cracked hooves. Enter, SCIENCE SUPPLEMENTS 4FEET PLUSSCIENCE SUPPLEMENTS 4FEET PLUS. Designed to tackle the most challenging of hoof conditions, this supplement is a powerhouse. Its active ingredients ensure that whether your horse is trotting down a meadow or strutting its stuff on the racetrack, its hooves remain in impeccable condition.

The Ultimate Equestrian Fashion Evolution

Whoever said fashion was limited to humans never met a horse enthusiast. Trust me, those four-legged beauties have their own vogue and are absolutely rocking it!

DODSON & HORRELL DEVIL'S CLAW ROOT First up, the JODHPUR COLLECTION. Gone are the days of uncomfortable riding pants; hello sleek, form-fitting jodhpurs that are not only functional but also make you and your horse the talk of the town! (Or at least the riding school.)

Then, of course, there's the essential HORSE RIDING BOOT COLLECTION. Gone are the times of boring, monochromatic boots. With designs that would make even top fashion designers nod in approval, these boots are the amalgamation of form, function, and flair!

Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize!

No outfit, or ride, is complete without the right accessories. Whether it's the snug HORSE RIDING GLOVES that make you feel like James Bond on a mission or the HORSE RIDING SOCKS COLLECTION that keeps your feet feeling like they're wrapped in clouds, accessorizing right is the key to riding in style!

And for those who believe in pampering their horses (which, let's be honest, should be everyone), the HORSE TREATS AND GIFTS collection is just a click away. Every once in a while, a little indulgence is a must!

Concluding The Gallop

In the thrilling journey from hay to DODSON & HORRELL DAILY VITAMINS & MINERALS, from bareback rides to stylish bridles, and from galloping on open fields to ensuring our buddies have the best in HOOF CARE & BOOTS, the equestrian world has come a long way. With all the advancements, love for these magnificent creatures remains unchanged. Here's to many more strides forward!

Asked By You: Equestrian Edition

We've noticed some reoccurring queries in the horse community, and being the dedicated equestrian aficionados that we are, we've decided to trot right up and address them!

Is it OK to ride a 30 year old horse?

Well, imagine asking your 90-year-old grandpa to run a marathon. The sentiment is pretty much the same. While many horses can live into their 30s and remain quite spry, riding them heavily might not be the best idea. Always check with your veterinarian and ensure the comfort and well-being of your majestic steed.

How have horses changed over time?

From tiny dog-sized ancestors to the grand creatures we know today, horses have been on quite the evolutionary journey. Kind of like how mobile phones went from bricks to...well, smarter bricks. Just like technology, horses too have had their upgrades and changes, making them adapt better to diverse environments and our needs.

Are older horses better?

DODSON & HORRELL DAILY VITAMINS & MINERALS It's like comparing a vintage wine to a freshly corked bottle. Both have their merits. Older horses, with their wisdom and experience, can be more patient and forgiving, making them perfect for beginners. But remember, just like that vintage wine, they need special care like the right vitamins and minerals.

How old is a healthy horse?

Age is but a number, darling! A horse can be 25 and still strut its stuff like it's in its prime years. Proper care, regular vet check-ups, and of course, loads of love, can ensure a horse remains healthy and hearty for many years. Think of them as living their best life in the equine version of a retirement resort!

Got more burning questions? Just drop them in! After all, knowledge is best when shared, especially when it's about our beloved four-legged friends.