What to do with horses on Bonfire Night?

As the clock ticks down to Bonfire Night, many eagerly anticipate the awe-inspiring firework displays. However, for horse owners, this can be the equivalent of a horror movie premiere. Our equine pals, regal and poised as they are, aren't exactly fans of unexpected 'BOOMs' in the night. Don't fret! We've got the recipe (minus the kitchen sink) to ensure your horse remains as cool as a cucumber during the festivities.

Prepare in Advance

As the old saying goes, "Failing to prepare is preparing to fail." And trust us, you don’t want to be caught unprepared with a jittery horse on a firework-lit evening. Start planning ahead with these tips:

Inform your neighbors

It might sound like you're planning a stealth operation, but it's just common courtesy. Reach out to display organizers and your neighbors and gently remind them of the four-legged residents nearby. Politely ask them not to aim any fireworks in the direction of your horse. Most people will be understanding. After all, no one wants a frightened horse on the loose!

Bring them in

You wouldn't leave your cake out in the rain, so don't leave your horse out during a firework display. If your horse isn't used to being stabled, start bringing them in a week ahead of the event. This 'rehearsal' ensures they’re comfortable with the arrangement come D-Day. Check out these insights from the experts at World Horse Welfare for more tips.

Stick to their routine

Ever tried switching your morning coffee for decaf? Unsettling, right? In the same way, a sudden change in routine can be stressful for your horse. Keep their day as normal as possible. This will offer a sense of security amidst the noisy celebrations.

Provide distractions

Picture this: Your horse, casually munching on hay, listening to the latest hits, completely oblivious to the chaos outside. Sounds dreamy? It's possible! Playing music can mask sudden noises and be quite calming. Just ensure the volume isn’t too high. More on this strategy from Equiport's blog.

Supplement for Success

While we're on the topic of preparation, let's talk supplements. Think of them as nature's little way of saying, "Relax, buddy!" Introducing:

PREMIER PERFORMANCE CALMING COOKIES PREMIER PERFORMANCE CALMING COOKIES: No, these aren’t for you, but you might be tempted. These cookies work wonders in calming your horse. They’re natural, tasty and perfect for ensuring your horse remains chill. Plus, they work on the serotonin (that's the happy hormone for us non-science folk).

Clear the way, we’ve got another hot product coming through!

HILTON HERBS CALM & COLLECTED HILTON HERBS CALM & COLLECTED: This isn't your grandma's herbal tea. It's a tried and tested calmer (and yes, it contains Valerian) that's been making waves in the equestrian world. It's like the spa day your horse never knew they needed.

Alright, that wraps up our first section of "Keeping your horse calm on Bonfire Night". Stick around for more tips, tricks, and possibly a few more chuckles. Horse-related, of course!

During the Fireworks

Alright, the big night is here. The sky is clear, the fireworks are ready to launch, and...your horse is hopefully not having an equine version of an existential crisis. Here’s how to make sure Bonfire Night isn’t a nightmare for your four-legged companion:

Stay Calm and Carry On

Did you know horses can sense when you’re nervous? It’s true. They’re like those friends who can tell you’re upset just by looking at you. So, remember to stay calm. If you’re cool as a cucumber, your horse will follow suit. For more on this, dive into the science of it with this Science Daily article.

Double-Check Your Stable

Your horse’s stable should be the equine version of a fortress tonight. Make sure there are no sharp objects lying around and that the stall is secure. Trust us; you don’t want a spooked horse trying to jump over a half-open door. For more stable safety tips, Horse & Hound has a comprehensive list.

Keep An Eye (Or Ear) Out

Even if you've done all the preparations, it's essential to keep an ear out for any signs of distress from your horse. If they seem particularly agitated, consider staying with them for the evening or having someone keep them company.

Magical Solutions

Now, we don't have a magic wand, but we do have the next best thing:

NAF FIVE STAR MAGIC LIQUID Introducing the NAF FIVE STAR MAGIC LIQUID: This isn’t just another calming supplement. It’s the whole magical shebang. Crafted with bio-available magnesium and carefully selected herbs, it now boasts pre and probiotics for a settled gut. Say hello to a calm and relaxed horse!

But wait! There's more:

GOLD LABEL EQUIKALM DAILY Behold the GOLD LABEL EQUIKALM DAILY. This isn't your typical everyday supplement. It’s based on valerian, natural B group vitamins, and hops. Perfect for calming those nerves without compromising performance. Plus, it's rules-friendly, so you're in safe hands.

After the Fireworks

Phew! The fireworks have fizzled out, and you’ve survived another Bonfire Night. Now it's time to ensure your horse returns to their regular routine smoothly.

First things first, give them a good check. Ensure there are no injuries or signs of extreme stress. Reward them with some treats for their bravery. And, before you hit the hay, make sure you check out the range of everyday vitamins & supplements to keep them in tip-top shape all year round.

And with that, we've wrapped up section two of our guide! Stay tuned for the final installment where we'll delve into post-Bonfire Night care and ensuring your horse is ready to face another year of festivities.

Post-Firework Recovery: The Morning After

The fireworks have subsided, the night's festivities are over, and as dawn breaks, you're likely wondering: How's my horse doing this morning? Fear not, dear equestrian, for we have just the remedies to ensure a smooth transition back to normalcy.

Give Them Some Love

After a potentially stressful night, there's nothing like a bit of TLC. Spend some quality time with your horse. Grooming, petting, and even just talking can go a long way. According to the Equus Magazine, these simple interactions can reinforce the bond between rider and horse.

Nutrition Boost

Consider giving your horse a special treat or two. Not just any treat, mind you, but something like the PREMIER PERFORMANCE CALMING COOKIES. Made with all-natural ingredients, these cookies can boost your horse's serotonin levels, which, for us two-legged creatures, is the happy hormone!

PREMIER PERFORMANCE CALMING COOKIESAnd remember, there are 10 cookies per bag, so there's plenty to go around!

Review and Plan for Next Time

Take this time to reflect on what went well and what could have been better. Every horse is different, and over time, you'll fine-tune your Bonfire Night strategy. Check out this piece from Horse & Hound that dives deep into understanding a horse's fear of fireworks.

Dress for Success

While your horse is recovering, why not indulge in some retail therapy? Freshen up your riding wardrobe with the latest collections. Whether it's jodhpurs, boots, gloves, or even socks, we've got you covered. Dressing well can boost your confidence, and a confident rider makes for a happier horse.

Final Thoughts

Bonfire Night can be a beautiful spectacle for us humans, but it can be a nerve-wracking experience for our equine companions. With the right preparations, supplements, and after-care, you can ensure your horse remains as calm as possible during and after the festivities. Remember, every horse is different, so it's essential to tailor your approach to your horse's unique needs and temperament.

And there you have it! Your comprehensive, slightly humorous, but oh-so-professional guide to navigating Bonfire Night with your horse. Until next time, happy riding!

Asked By You: Your Top Questions Answered

We've noticed that many of you have some burning questions (pun intended) about horses and Bonfire Night. So, we've decided to answer the most frequently asked ones in our signature humorous yet professional style. Let's dive in!

What to do with horses on Bonfire Night?

The fiery glow of Bonfire Night can be captivating for us, but it's a different story for our equine pals. Start by preparing in advance: familiarize your horse with the noises, use calming supplements like the HILTON HERBS CALM & COLLECTED, and keep a routine. Remember, a calm environment begins with a calm horse owner.


Is it illegal to set fireworks off near horses?

Legally speaking, there isn't a specific law in the UK that makes it illegal to set off fireworks near horses. However, if a horse is injured as a result, you could face animal cruelty charges. Plus, let's be honest, it's just not very considerate, is it?

Are horses better in or out with fireworks?

Now, this is a bit like asking if you prefer tea or coffee. Both have their merits. Some horses feel safer in their familiar stable environment, while others might panic being confined. Observe your horse's behaviour in the days leading up to the event and trust your gut. And when in doubt, consult with your vet or a horse behaviourist.

What to do for horses during fireworks?

Keep them occupied! Distractions can be a saviour. Playing some background music in the stable can help muffle the noise of fireworks. Treat them with some delightful horse treats or engage them with their favourite toy. And, of course, a dose of the NAF FIVE STAR MAGIC LIQUID could do wonders in keeping them calm and relaxed.


And there you have it, straight answers to your most pressing questions. We're here to help, one firework at a time!