Top 10 Tricks Horses Can Do

Welcome to the fascinating world of horse tricks! If you thought horses were just about galloping and neighing, buckle up for a delightful ride through their hidden talents. Horses, the majestic creatures they are, possess a brainy side that's often overshadowed by their brawn. Let's trot into the top 10 tricks that'll make you admire these equine prodigies even more. And remember, while our horses are busy being fabulous, let's keep them looking the part with stylish Jodhpurs and more from Just Horse Riders.

1. The 'Nose-it-All' Touch

First up is the 'Touch' trick. A cornerstone of horse trickery, it involves your horse touching an object with its nose on command. It's like their version of pointing, but way cuter. This trick is a fabulous ice-breaker and a gateway to more complex behaviors. Imagine your horse pointing out your misplaced keys! Well, we're not quite there yet, but who knows? Horse Tricks 101 might just get you started.

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2. Take a Bow, Mr. Ed!

Next, we have the 'Bow'. Think of it as a horse saying "Pleased to meet you" in the politest way possible. This trick involves your horse lowering its head and stretching a leg forward – a gesture that's both charming and dignified. And if you're thinking of capturing this moment, why not pair it with the perfect Horse Riding Boot from our collection?

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3. 'Rearing' to Go!

For those who like a bit more drama, the 'Rearing' trick is like watching a horse in slow motion action. It's majestic, it's powerful, and it's a total showstopper. But, and it's a big BUT, this trick is not for the faint-hearted. It requires careful training to ensure safety for both horse and rider. Always respect your horse's limits and never try this without professional guidance. Want more insights? Gallop over to PonyBox for expert tips.

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4. Fetch, But Make It Equestrian

Yes, horses can play fetch! It's not just a dog's game anymore. Teaching your horse to fetch can be a hilariously engaging activity, plus it's a great party trick. Imagine your horse fetching your hat (or someone else's – we're not responsible for any horse mischief!). Check out this video to see how it's done.

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5. The Graceful Spanish Walk

Oh, the Spanish Walk – a classic in the horse trick repertoire! It's like watching a horse dance flamenco. This trick, where the horse lifts its front legs high in an exaggerated manner, is not only visually stunning but also a great exercise for them. And speaking of grace, why not check out our elegant Stable Rugs collection for after their performance?

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6. 'Play Dead' - Horse Edition

Playing dead isn't just for dogs. With the right training, your horse can master this dramatic trick too. It's a bit surreal to see such a large animal lie down and 'play dead', but it's also undeniably impressive. Just make sure not to spook anyone who's unaware of this trick! Dive deeper into the training process at PonyBox.

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7. The Horse's 'Smile'

Who knew horses could smile? With a bit of training, your horse can lift its upper lip to give the appearance of a smile. It's a simple trick that's sure to charm and delight onlookers. Perfect for a photo op, don't you think? And speaking of charm, keep your horse looking dapper with our collection of Everyday Horse Vitamins & Supplements.

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8. Shake Hands, or Hooves?

Ever wanted to shake hands with a horse? Well, now you can! Teaching your horse to extend its leg for a handshake is not only cute but also a great way to build trust. It's a straightforward trick that's as enjoyable to teach as it is to display. And for those handshake moments, make sure your horse is sporting the finest from our Horse Riding Gloves Collection.

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9. The Pedestal Pose

Ever seen a horse on a pedestal? It's not just for show horses! Teaching your equine friend to stand on a pedestal is not only a confidence booster but also a fantastic balance exercise. It's like yoga for horses, minus the meditation part. Want to give your horse the star treatment? Check out our Horse Treats And Gifts collection.

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10. Roman Riding: Double the Fun!

Last but not least, we have Roman Riding. This is where things get real fancy – standing on two horses at once! It's a spectacular display of skill and balance, often seen in circuses and rodeos. This trick is for the seasoned equestrian, but it's a sight to behold. Curious? Learn more about this thrilling sport at Wikipedia.

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Conclusion: Unleashing Your Horse's Inner Superstar

There you have it, folks – the top 10 tricks to turn your horse into an equine superstar! Remember, the key to successful trick training is patience, positive reinforcement, and a sense of humor. Every horse is unique, so celebrate their individuality as they learn at their own pace. And while they're busy being fabulous, keep them looking and feeling their best with our range of Horse Riding Equipment, Apparel, and Equestrian Supplements. Happy training, and may the horse be with you!

Note: Always consider safety first in trick training. Consult with a professional if you're unsure about a particular trick, and never push your horse beyond its comfort zone.

Asked by You: Your Curious Equestrian Queries Answered

What are Good Tricks for Horses?

Good horse tricks are those that are safe, engaging, and suitable for your horse's physical abilities. The 'Bow' and 'Shake Hands' are classic starters. Remember, the best tricks are those that both you and your horse enjoy learning together!

What do Horses Find Fun?

Horses love activities that stimulate their minds and bodies. Tricks like 'Fetch' or playful exercises like 'The Circle Game' can be great fun. Also, don't underestimate the joy of a good old-fashioned gallop in the field. Keeping things varied and engaging is the key!

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How Do You Teach a Horse to Hug?

Teaching a horse to hug involves patience and trust. Start by rewarding your horse for moving its head towards you, then gradually shape this behavior into a gentle embrace. Always ensure your horse is comfortable and willing during the process. A horse hug can be a beautiful expression of the bond you share!

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What Should I Train My Horse to Do?

Aside from basic obedience and riding cues, consider training your horse in activities that align with its temperament and physical capability. Tricks like 'The Spanish Walk' or 'Play Dead' can be enjoyable. Training should always be about enhancing your bond and ensuring your horse's wellbeing.

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Got more questions? Feel free to reach out, and we might feature your query in our next blog post!