The Miraculous Birth of Fabulous Soul City: A Heartwarming Journey at Just Horse Riders

Welcome to another captivating episode of the Just Horse Riders podcast! This time, we're diving into an extraordinary event that has touched the hearts of our community. Aaron Englander, from Just Horse Riders, shares the amazing experience of welcoming a new foal, Fabulous Soul City, into their family.


Welcoming Fabulous Soul City

Episode 14 of the Just Horse Riders podcast is all about the incredible journey of Fabulous Soul City's birth. It’s a story filled with excitement, unexpected moments, and heartfelt joy. Aaron’s recount of the night Daina gave birth will leave you both amused and amazed.

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The Early Hours of a New Life

A Midnight Surprise

The birth of Fabulous Soul City was a midnight surprise that caught everyone off guard. Aaron shared, “Daina gave birth to a beautiful healthy filly on early hours of Tuesday morning, 1.30 in the morning.” It was a moment of pure joy and astonishment, especially since no one expected it to happen so soon.

Daina’s Early Morning Delivery

Aaron explained how they discovered the foal in the middle of the night thanks to their trusty stable camera. He recounted, “We’ve got a camera in Daina's stable... we all check it, you know, through the night.” This technology played a crucial role in ensuring they were there to support Daina and her newborn.

The Importance of Foaling Cameras

The story highlights the importance of having foaling cameras in stables. These devices not only help monitor the horses but also provide peace of mind to the owners, allowing them to catch critical moments like this one.

First Moments: From Birth to Standing

The One, Two, Three Rule for Newborn Foals

In the podcast, Aaron mentions the “one, two, three rule” for newborn foals. He said, “I think it's standing within an hour, suckling within two hours, and then passing something within three.” This rule is a handy guideline for ensuring the foal’s health in its first crucial hours.

Initial Struggles and Triumphs

The journey from birth to standing wasn’t easy. The foal faced initial struggles, including hitting her head and falling over multiple times. However, her determination to stand was nothing short of inspiring.

The Foal’s Determination to Stand

Aaron vividly described the foal’s perseverance, saying, “She kept trying, she kept trying, and eventually... she managed to actually get up and stand.” These first steps marked the beginning of her journey to becoming a strong, independent horse.

Nursing and Bonding

Finding the Teat: A Learning Process

The process of learning to nurse was another adventure. Aaron humorously noted, “She was trying to suckle on Daina's elbow, on her chest, on her backside as well.” It took some guidance, but the foal eventually found the right spot.

Motherly Guidance and Foal’s Curiosity

Watching Daina guide her foal was a touching experience. The foal’s curiosity, coupled with Daina’s patient guidance, made for some heartwarming moments. Aaron shared, “Daina’s really, you know, protective but not when it comes down to us.”

Daina’s Protective Nature

Daina’s protective instincts were on full display, but she was trusting and gentle when it came to her human caretakers. This balance between protection and trust is a testament to their bond.

Social Media Reactions

Sharing the Joy on Facebook

Sharing the news on social media brought an outpouring of congratulations. Aaron mentioned, “When we put the filly on, everybody did the same thing, oh congratulations.” It was a moment of shared joy among the community.

Horsey vs. Non-Horsey People Reactions

The reactions were mixed, with horse enthusiasts understanding the significance, while others were a bit puzzled. Aaron humorously observed, “I think all the non-horsey people were like, well what's the big deal.”

The Special Connection Among Horse Lovers

For those who understand the bond between horses and their caretakers, the birth of a foal is incredibly special. Aaron highlighted this by saying, “For anybody who's had a foal before, it's super, super special.”

Turning Out to the Field

The Foal’s Hesitation and Exploration

Introducing the foal to the field was another memorable milestone. The foal was initially hesitant, as Aaron recalled, “She stayed in the stable, but Daina was getting a bit stressed.” Eventually, curiosity won over, and the foal took her first steps outside.

Daina’s Encouragement and the Filly’s First Steps

Daina’s role in encouraging the foal was crucial. Aaron described how Daina would go back into the stable to show the foal the way out. This guidance helped the foal adjust to her new environment.

Adjusting to a New Environment

The transition to the field was swift and smooth. Within minutes, the foal was trotting around and exploring her surroundings. Aaron marveled, “Within a few minutes, she was trying to trot around her mom.”

Naming Fabulous Soul City

Honoring Rock City Blue

Choosing a name for the foal was an emotional journey. Aaron and Sian decided to honor their late horse, Rock City Blue, by naming the foal Fabulous Soul City. Aaron shared, “We wanted to honor City... we came up with the name Soul.”

The Significance of Four White Socks

The foal’s four white socks were seen as a symbolic connection to Rock City Blue. Aaron explained, “What was even more special was that City had four white socks and this filly has four white socks.” This resemblance made the name feel even more fitting.

The Emotional Process of Naming

Naming the foal was a process filled with emotion and reflection. Aaron’s heartfelt recount of this process adds depth to the story, making it more relatable for those who have gone through similar experiences.

Growing the Herd

Nearly Doubling the Number of Horses

The birth of Fabulous Soul City, along with two other new additions, has nearly doubled the number of horses at Just Horse Riders. Aaron humorously noted, “We've nearly doubled the amount of horses that we've got on this place within a week.”

The Challenges and Joys of Expansion

Managing a larger herd brings both challenges and joys. Aaron acknowledged the increased workload but also the excitement of having more horses to care for and love.

Final Thoughts

A Week of Miracles and Memories

This past week has been filled with miraculous events and unforgettable memories for everyone at Just Horse Riders. Aaron summed it up perfectly, “It was just amazing... just shows how special they are.”

Excitement for the Future

The future looks bright with the new additions to their herd. Aaron expressed his enthusiasm, saying, “Really excited for the future and I'll keep you updated as best as I can.”

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