Discover the Comfort and Protection of the WeatherBeeta Deluxe Stretch Eye Saver

Hi there, Aaron Englander from Just Horse Riders here, and today we're diving into one of WeatherBeeta's standout products designed to keep your equine friends comfortable and protected. The Deluxe Stretch Eye Saver with Ears is more than just a fly mask; it's a testament to WeatherBeeta's dedication to quality and innovation in horse care.

Why Choose the Deluxe Stretch Eye Saver?

"Straight away when I'm holding this, even with the packaging, it’s super lightweight," remarks Aaron. This lightweight nature is essential, as it ensures that the mask is easy on your horse’s face. Whether in the stable or out in the field, comfort is key, and WeatherBeeta doesn't cut corners. The mask comes in a re-sealable plastic pouch which makes it easy to store away at the end of fly season.

Easy to Use and Packed with Features

The real beauty of this mask lies in its ease of use. Aaron demonstrates, “It does come with a nice forelock hole so it's going to make it a bit more comfortable for your horse not to have the hair coming over the eyes all the time.” Furthermore, the Deluxe Stretch Eye Saver is designed with a zip and touch tape closure under the jaw, simplifying the process of putting it on and taking it off – no fuss necessary.

Beyond ease, the raised see-through mesh eye insert ensures that horses have unobstructed vision, which is crucial for those who are a bit nervous about wearing masks. “I’ve got to say, first off, I think this has one of the largest eye areas in any of the fly masks that I’ve ever seen,” says Aaron, highlighting how this feature is particularly beneficial.

Ready to see for yourself how this mask can change your horse care routine? Watch now to catch Aaron’s full review and see the Deluxe Stretch Eye Saver in action!

Optimal Protection and Comfort Features

A key aspect of the Deluxe Stretch Eye Saver is its impressive design aimed at providing optimal protection against insects and UV rays. “The mesh that they use on here is nice and thin, so it's going to stop the smallest of horse flies getting through,” explains Aaron. This ensures that your horse enjoys maximum comfort without compromise on protection.

Materials Made for Horse Comfort

The material of the fly mask is not just about durability; it's also about comfort and fit. “It’s a Lycra-based material I believe, so nice and stretchy,” Aaron notes, discussing the mask's flexibility. This stretchiness allows the mask to conform perfectly to the horse's head, ensuring a snug yet comfortable fit that prevents insects from getting inside.

Designed for the Sensitive Horse

If you have horses that are hesitant about wearing masks, this model might be your solution. “This actually has one of the largest face areas covered in mesh that I’ve seen,” Aaron highlights, “so it’s going to give an unobstructed view for your horse when they’re in the field or in the stable.” The expansive mesh area helps horses feel less confined and more at ease, making it easier for them to adjust to wearing the mask.

The thoughtful inclusion of a forelock hole adds another layer of comfort for your horse, ensuring that the mask feels as natural as possible. “It does come with a nice forelock hole there so it's going to make it a bit more comfortable for your horse to not have the hair coming over the rise the whole time,” mentions Aaron. This detail, while small, plays a significant role in the overall comfort of the horse while wearing the mask.

Curious about how this mask feels on your horse? Don’t wait—watch now and see Aaron demonstrate the ease and effectiveness of the WeatherBeeta Deluxe Stretch Eye Saver.

Why WeatherBeeta Stands Out in Equestrian Protection

The WeatherBeeta brand is synonymous with quality and innovation in equestrian gear. The Deluxe Stretch Eye Saver is just one example of how their products are designed with both the horse and rider in mind. "You do have the nice Weatherbeeta logo there on the bottom, so a nice bit of branding there from WeatherBeeta," Aaron points out, underscoring the premium quality and recognition that comes with their products.

Comprehensive Protection Beyond Fly Masks

WeatherBeeta's commitment to horse comfort and protection extends beyond fly masks. They offer a wide range of products, including turnout rugs and sweet itch sheets, all designed to enhance the well-being of horses. Interested in exploring more? Visit their full range of products.

Your Go-To Source for Horse Care

At Just Horse Riders, we're proud to stock the full WeatherBeeta range and other high-quality equestrian products. “We do actually stock the full WeatherBeeta range on our website, so if you do need any other WeatherBeeta products, fly masks, turnout rugs, anything, please go and have a look on there," encourages Aaron. Our goal is to provide everything you need to ensure your horse is happy, healthy, and protected.

Ready to Upgrade Your Horse's Gear?

Whether you're dealing with the pesky flies of summer or need year-round solutions for your horse's comfort and safety, the Deluxe Stretch Eye Saver and our extensive WeatherBeeta lineup are here to help. Don't miss out on the opportunity to give your horse the best. Shop now and take advantage of the best that Just Horse Riders has to offer.

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