Unlock the Secrets of Equestrian Fitness with Aaron Englander

Welcome to episode 5 of our insightful podcast series, where Aaron Englander, the esteemed director of Just Horse Riders, takes us on a journey through the enchanting world of horse riding. Whether you're a seasoned equestrian or a curious newbie, there's something for everyone in this episode. So, grab your riding boots and let's dive into the world of horse riding fitness, intriguing terminology, and the sheer joy of equestrian life. Don't forget to listen now on Spotify or watch now on YouTube for the full experience.

The Surprising Fitness Benefits of Horse Riding

"If you want to get fit for summer 2024, go and get a horse," suggests Aaron. He humorously compares mucking out to burning calories equivalent to several McDonald's items, making it clear that horse riding and care offer a unique and effective way to stay in shape. Riding isn't just about the bond between rider and horse; it's a full-body workout that can burn up to 593 calories an hour just from mucking out!

But it's not all about calorie burning. Aaron shares personal anecdotes to illustrate the holistic fitness benefits that come from being around horses. From riding at various paces to performing yard duties, every task contributes to a rider's physical health. "Imagine burning 750 calories just through your passion," Aaron marvels, highlighting how equestrian activities can seamlessly integrate into one's fitness regime.

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Equestrian Terminology: A Beginner's Guide

Aaron recalls his early days at the horse riding school, humorously noting how the equestrian terminology initially baffled him. "I thought Jerry was some guy that worked on the yard," he laughs, referring to his confusion when first hearing a horse's name. This anecdote serves as a gentle reminder of the importance of understanding equestrian language for anyone looking to enter the world of horse riding.

He explains how terms like "lame" and "sound" have specific meanings in the equestrian context, far removed from their everyday usage. "Lame doesn't mean they're a loser; it means they're hurt," Aaron clarifies, stressing the need for clear communication and knowledge within the equestrian community.

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Personal Reflections on Equestrian Life

Aaron shares a heartwarming story about his daughter's dedication to horse riding, emphasizing the value of hard work and passion. "Your child is doing something difficult... But in her mind, it's totally worth it," he reflects. This sentiment beautifully captures the essence of equestrian life—not just as a hobby or a sport but as a lifestyle that teaches invaluable lessons beyond the stables.

He also touches on the humorous side of equestrian chores, particularly the struggle with filling hay nets. "It took me about an hour to fill five hay nets," Aaron admits, inviting listeners to share their own tips and tricks. This blend of personal anecdotes and open invitations for engagement creates a community atmosphere around Just Horse Riders, encouraging readers and listeners alike to share their experiences.

Revisiting Fitness: Beyond the Calories

Aaron delves deeper into the fitness aspect, stressing that it's not just about the calories burned but the overall physical and mental health benefits. "Imagine actually being able to do exercise that you love on a daily basis," he muses, highlighting the unique advantage of equestrian activities. This perspective is particularly appealing for those looking for a fitness routine that's both effective and enjoyable.

The strength and endurance gained from regular interaction with horses are noteworthy. Aaron proudly notes the impressive physical capabilities his children have developed through their equestrian activities, showcasing the holistic benefits of horse riding. "The strength that my kids have compared to other kids... is pretty impressive," he says, attributing their physical prowess to the rigors of horse care and riding.

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The Impact of Horse Riding on Mental Well-being

It's not all physical, as Aaron points out the significant mental health benefits of being involved with horses. "Keeping fit goes hand in hand with, you know, with the mental side of it," he observes, discussing how physical activity, especially something as engaging as horse riding, can have a profound positive impact on mental well-being.

The interaction with horses and nature, the routine care, and even the challenges faced in the equestrian world contribute to a healthier mental state. Aaron speculates about the potential for future discussions on this topic, suggesting, "How does it affect your mental health?... being outside and being fit, being active, having a purpose... maybe that's another thing that I should really look into."

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Connecting with Horses: A Path to Mental Wellness

In a heartwarming reflection, Aaron shares how the act of caring for horses goes beyond physical benefits, touching on the profound impact it has on mental health. "Having horses, riding them, exercising, getting up early, being outside in nature, even communicating with people on the yard... it's all incredibly beneficial for your mental health," he explains. This insight sheds light on the often-overlooked aspect of equestrian life - its ability to improve our emotional well-being and reduce stress.

The story of his daughter's perseverance and joy in overcoming the challenges of equestrian tasks further illustrates the mental fortitude developed through this lifestyle. "Your child is doing something difficult... But in her mind, it's totally worth it because of the passion she's got for riding," Aaron recounts, emphasizing the valuable life lessons learned through horse care and riding.

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Building Strength Through Equestrian Life

Another fascinating benefit of equestrian activities, as Aaron points out, is the physical strength it builds, especially in young riders. "The strength that my kids have compared to other kids... it's pretty impressive," he notes, attributing their physical capabilities to regular horse care routines. This section of the conversation highlights the unique way in which equestrian life contributes to developing a strong physique, through the repetitive, physical tasks involved in horse care.

Whether it's lifting hay bales or managing a wheelbarrow, the daily responsibilities of horse care offer a practical strength-training regimen that rivals traditional gym workouts. Aaron's humorous struggle with filling hay nets — "It took me about an hour to fill five hay nets" — underscores the physicality of seemingly simple tasks, providing a relatable glimpse into the equestrian lifestyle.

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Embrace the Equestrian Lifestyle for Fitness and Beyond

Aaron Englander's journey through the world of equestrianism in episode 5 of the Just Horse Riders podcast series offers a unique perspective on the multifaceted benefits of horse riding. From burning calories and building physical strength to enhancing mental health and developing a deeper bond with nature, the equestrian lifestyle presents a holistic approach to well-being.

"Just go and get a horse, muck it out, ride it. You'll be fine," Aaron advises with a blend of humor and sincerity, inviting listeners to consider horse riding as a viable and rewarding fitness regime. For those inspired to embark on this journey, Just Horse Riders provides an extensive range of products and insights to get you started on the right hoof.

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