Experience Unmatched Fly Protection with Carr & Day & Martin's Extra Strength Fly Repellent

Welcome to a Fly-Free World

Imagine a world where your horse can frolic in the field without being pestered by annoying horse flies. While such a world may seem like a distant dream, the Carr & Day & Martin Flyguard Extra Strength Insect Repellent brings us closer to this reality. As Aaron Englander of Just Horse Riders humorously points out, "Well that world doesn't exist but this product might help create that world."

First Impressions Count

The moment you see the Flyguard Extra Strength, its premium presentation catches the eye. Aaron remarks on the product's appeal, noting, "Straight away we see the spray bottle is nice. It's very nice and shiny which gives it a nice premium feel." This isn’t just another fly spray; it’s a statement of quality and effectiveness, designed to offer your horse relief and protection.

Designed with Safety in Mind

The Flyguard is equipped with thoughtful features such as an on and off switch on the spray applicator, making it safe around children who might think it's a toy. Aaron humorously adds, "You’ve got on and off switches on there just in case you have small children going around there who thinks they're horses and want to spray themselves with fly repellent." Safety meets convenience in this clever design.

Why a Patch Test is Essential

Before using the spray regularly, conducting a patch test is crucial. This simple test ensures your horse's skin does not react adversely to the spray. Aaron explains, "It does state on the side here to do a patch test on your horse... you don't want to be spraying this on for the first time if you've not used it and then your horse come out in a huge rash." Such precautions underscore the responsibility that comes with caring for our equine friends.

What Sets Flyguard Apart?

The Carr & Day & Martin Flyguard Extra Strength stands out for its effective formulation. It contains 20% DEET, a proven ingredient originally developed for the Armed Forces to repel insects in the jungle. Aaron provides his firsthand experience, saying, "Even though it contains 20% DEET, it actually smells really nice." This is quite the feat, as DEET-based repellents are not typically known for pleasant scents.

Long Lasting Protection

One of the standout features of this fly repellent is its longevity. Aaron notes, "It is very long lasting and it does state on here that for the best results use twice a day, which compared to some other fly sprays is actually a very low usage." This means more protection with less frequent applications, making it efficient and cost-effective.

Nourishing Ingredients for a Healthy Coat

The spray is not just about repelling pests. It also cares for your horse's coat, thanks to the inclusion of herbal and avocado oils. These ingredients are known for their conditioning properties, giving your horse’s coat a nice lovely glow. Aaron appreciates this aspect too, "...it also contains herbal and avocado oils which is going to give your horse's coat a nice lovely glow."

Explore More from Carr & Day & Martin

If you're interested in exploring more about this product or others within the same range, feel free to visit our brand page. Whether you're looking for fly protection or skin care for your horses, Carr & Day & Martin offers a wide range of options to suit your needs. Shop now to discover all that they have to offer.

Additional Fly Protection Solutions

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Practical Application and User Safety

Application of the Flyguard repellent is straightforward and user-friendly. Aaron Englander explains the process: "Shake well and spray liberally onto the horse or apply with a cloth, taking care to avoid eyes and mucous membranes." The ease of use ensures that every horse owner can apply it effectively, ensuring optimal protection.

Listening to User Feedback

Just Horse Riders values the feedback from their community. Aaron invites viewers to share their experiences, "If you do have any other questions about the Flyguard spray or any of the Car and Day and Martin products which we do stock the full range on our website please give us a message and we'll get back to ASAP." Engaging with users not only helps improve products but also builds a strong community of care.

Watch the Full Review

For a comprehensive look at how Flyguard Extra Strength stands up to the challenges of keeping flies at bay, watch Aaron’s full review on our YouTube channel. Get all your questions answered and see the product in action. Watch now and learn why this might be the perfect solution for your horse.

Ready to Buy?

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