The Unseen Risks of Horse Riding: Accountability in the Saddle

In this episode of the Just Horse Riders podcast, Aaron Englander, the voice behind the renowned equestrian brand, delves into a topic that is both controversial and crucial to every rider and riding school out there. This isn't just another discussion; it's a deep dive into the ethos of riding, responsibility, and the often unforeseen consequences of an equestrian passion.

Episode 8: The Weight of Blame

"It probably isn't going to be a particularly happy one," begins Aaron, setting the tone for a conversation that extends beyond the usual jovial banter about horse riding adventures. His frustration is palpable as he recounts a story that sparked this episode's theme—a legal tangle following a riding mishap where a horse spooked and the rider fell off, leading to severe injury and a lawsuit. "You cannot predict what any horse will do 100% of the time," Aaron remarks, emphasizing the inherent unpredictability of these magnificent creatures.

Understanding the Risk

"I know 99% of horse riders aren't like that. They understand they're riding an animal, and it's their choice to ride this animal," Aaron explains. This statement sets the stage for a broader discussion about the expectations and realities of horse riding. If you're involved in horse riding, whether you're a newbie at a local school or a seasoned competitor in national events, recognizing the unpredictable nature of horses is crucial to maintaining both safety and sanity.

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A Closer Look at Responsibility and Blame in Horse Riding

As Aaron explains further in the episode, the narrative of blame and accountability often overshadows the essential joys and responsibilities of horse riding. "This person has decided to go horse riding for whatever reason, whether it's a passion, whether that she loves it, whatever it is," he says, emphasizing that choosing to ride involves accepting the inherent risks involved.

The Unfair Burden on Riding Schools

Aaron discusses the immense pressures riding schools face, particularly when accidents lead to legal actions. "Something has happened during that lesson for that horse to spook, whatever it is, and as far as I've heard, nothing that the riding school is at fault for," he asserts. This insight highlights the often unseen difficulties faced by these institutions, which not only provide training but also bear the brunt of unforeseen incidents.

Why the Anger? A Personal Take from Aaron

"I got really, really annoyed," admits Aaron, discussing his reaction to hearing about the lawsuit. His personal investment in the community brings an authentic and relatable perspective to the podcast, urging listeners to consider the broader impact of their actions. "You cannot predict what any horse will do 100% of the time," he reminds us, questioning the fairness of blaming riding schools for natural animal behavior.

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Addressing the Costs: The Hidden Financial Strain on Riding Schools

Riding schools operate under significant financial strain, a fact not widely known outside the equestrian community. "These riding schools, they've got 10, 30, 50 horses sometimes. That is a lot of money. Even 10 horses, you’re looking at £150,000 a year," explains Aaron. This part of the discussion sheds light on the substantial costs associated with maintaining a riding school, from animal care to equipment and facility upkeep.

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Creating a Supportive Equestrian Community

Aaron passionately advocates for a community that supports rather than blames. "We need people with ethics and morals and a backbone to understand that these sort of things happen, and they're no one's fault," he urges. This call for a more ethical approach to horse riding echoes throughout the episode, stressing the importance of community support and understanding within the equestrian world.

The Role of Ethical Riding in Equestrian Sports

"If you're choosing to get on your horse, or on any horse, through your own free will, I don't think it's right for you to then try and get compensation out of a decision that you've made," Aaron explains. His views challenge riders to think about their responsibilities and the impact of their actions on the broader equestrian community. This segment serves as a reminder of the values that define good sportsmanship and fair play.

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Final Thoughts: The Future of Horse Riding

"Horse riding is such a beautiful thing," Aaron reflects, "and a lot of people probably don't realize how much stress and money and time it takes to run horse riding schools." This heartfelt statement underscores the dedication needed to maintain the equestrian lifestyle. As we look forward, it's crucial for all stakeholders, from riders to school owners, to work together to ensure the sustainability and growth of this beloved sport.

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