Poems about horses have been written for thousands of years. In fact, horses have played an important role in human history and culture since ancient times, and poems about them date back to some of the earliest recorded literature.

For example, in ancient Greece, Homer's epic poem "The Iliad" features a number of scenes with horses, including descriptions of their beauty, speed, and strength. The Roman poet Virgil also wrote about horses in his epic poem "The Aeneid."

Throughout the Middle Ages, horses continued to be an important symbol in literature and poetry. The epic poem "Beowulf," which dates back to the 8th century, includes descriptions of horses and their role in battle. The 14th-century English poet Chaucer wrote about horses in several of his works, including "The Canterbury Tales."

In more recent times, poets such as William Wordsworth, Lord Byron, and Robert Frost have also written about horses in their works. So, to summarize, poems about horses have been written for thousands of years, and continue to be an enduring theme in literature and poetry.


We have written our own little poem about what horses mean to us.


"A horse and rider, a bond so strong, A love that lasts forever long, A trust that's built with every stride, A friendship that will never hide.

The rider knows their horse so well, Their every move, their every spell, The way they whinny, nuzzle, and neigh, The way they gallop and dance and play.

The horse and rider, a team so true, Together they ride, through all they do, Through fields and forests, mountains and streams, Through challenges and triumphs, joys and dreams.

The rider feels their horse's heart, A rhythm that they know by heart, They feel the strength, the grace, the might, That makes their horse a shining light.

And when the ride is finally done, The horse and rider, they're still one, Their bond is strong, their love so deep, A friendship that will always keep.

For a horse and rider, it's more than sport, It's a connection that cannot be taught, It's a love that's pure, a love that's true, A love that lasts forever through and through."

In conclusion, poems about horses have been a part of human culture and literature for thousands of years, and continue to be a popular theme in poetry today. Horses have been admired and revered for their beauty, strength, and grace, and poets have used them as symbols of freedom, power, and the wildness of nature. From ancient Greek epics to modern-day poetry collections, horses have inspired countless poets to write about their majesty and allure. Through these poems, we can gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of the bond between humans and horses, and the enduring connection that exists between these magnificent creatures and the natural world.