Top 10 Horse Fly Sprays: Gallop into a Fly-Free Future!

When it comes to the battles of the barnyard, none is more fierce than the ongoing war against horse flies. Anyone who's seen a horse's peaceful grazing session disrupted by these biting pests knows the importance of a good fly spray. That’s why we’ve rustled up a list of the top 10 horse fly sprays from Just Horse Riders. Prepare for a blend of chuckles and chock-full information as we embark on this fly-free journey. Hold onto your riding hats!

Our Handpicked Top 10: The Ultimate Fly-Fighting Arsenal


LEOVET POWER PHASER FLY SPRAY: The Rolls-Royce of fly sprays. With its unparalleled keep-away prowess, this spray not only keeps biting and non-biting flies at bay but also ensures that ticks don't tick your horse off. Sweat? No problem. The protection lasts for a magnificent seven hours. A must-have for any rider aiming to provide their horse with an aura of invincibility against pesky invaders.


NAF NAF OFF CITRONELLA: Imagine a summer evening, the soft glow of citronella candles warding off pests. Now, picture that power concentrated in a spray. This aromatic masterpiece is not just a deterrent; it's a fragrant experience for your horse's mane, tail, and coat, ensuring the summer stays serene.


LEOVET POWER PHASER DURATIV C/W SPONGE: When life gives you horse flies, turn to Leovet Power Phaser Durativ. This is not just a fly spray, it's a force field. Perfectly crafted for defence against all biting and non-biting foes, and it comes with a sponge! So whether it's a horsefly's bite or a mosquito's buzz, this spray ensures your horse stays as calm as a zen master on a silent retreat.


CARR & DAY & MARTIN FLYGARD EXTRA STRENGTH INSECT REPELLENT: Extra strength for extraordinary horses. We all know the power of DEET in repelling insects, and this spray harnesses it at an optimum level. Prepare to witness the 'avada kedavra' of fly sprays, as it magically keeps even the most stubborn midges and insects at bay.


NAF OFF DEET POWER: Another mighty champion in the DEET category. NAF brings you not just fly repellent, but power. The formula is the superhero your horse has been waiting for. It's like arming your horse with an invisible shield that makes flies and insects rethink their life choices.


LEOVET POWER PHASER ROLL ON: Think of this as the pocket-sized protector for your horse. It's like having a ninja in a bottle, discreetly fighting off mosquitoes, horseflies, and ticks. Approved by the Swiss Institute for Tropical Medicine, this roll-on promises seven hours of peace for your horse. It's the kind of tranquillity money can buy!


GOLD LABEL CITRONELLA COMPOUND EMULSION: An elixir of citronella, tea tree, lavender, and cedarwood oils. It's not just a repellent; it's an aromatic journey. This potion doubles as an equine re-odorant and aromatherapy lotion. Turn your horse into a walking oasis of calm, keeping the flies at bay and their spirits high.


CARR & DAY & MARTIN FLYGARD PROTECTOR: The sentinel your stable has been yearning for. A fortified spray designed with a heavy duty mandate: protecting your horse's environment from those pesky flying and biting invaders. With its potent formula containing cypermethrin, this protector doesn't just repel, it dominates.


NETTEX FLY REPELLENT ADVANCED: Stepping into the future of fly repellents. Nettex offers a solution that not only repels, but conditions and moisturizes. An advanced guard against flies and biting insects, this Deet-based potion is crafted for those regions plagued by pests around ponds, streams, and waterways.


BARRIER SUPER PLUS FLY REPELLENT: The gold standard in natural fly repellents. An award-winning formula that stands tall against all blood-sucking and nuisance flies. Endorsed by both Your Horse and Horse magazines, this concoction brings together the goodness of avocado with a 100% natural formula. It's like giving your horse a luxurious spa treatment that also keeps the flies at bay.

Which fly spray is the best for horses?

With such an impressive line-up, it's like asking a parent to pick their favourite child! Each product has its unique strengths, but if we had to give a crown, it'd probably sit with the Leovet Power Phaser Fly Spray given its rave reviews and 100% keep-away power. But honestly, each horse and its rider have unique needs, so the best spray is truly what works best for your equine friend.

What spray repels horse fly bites?

All the sprays listed have formulations to repel horseflies. However, sprays containing DEET like NAF OFF DEET POWER and CARR & DAY & MARTIN FLYGARD EXTRA STRENGTH INSECT REPELLENT are renowned for their powerful repellent properties against these pesky creatures.

What do horse flies hate?

Horseflies detest strong scents. Many repellents use citronella, cedarwood, lavender, and tea tree oils, like the GOLD LABEL CITRONELLA COMPOUND EMULSION, because of their natural repelling properties. Adding DEET into the mix, and you've got a recipe that horse flies will absolutely loathe.

What kills horse flies?

Horseflies, despite their size, can be tricky to deal with. While many of the sprays listed repel them, if you're looking for a knockout punch, then products containing strong active ingredients like DEET, as found in NAF OFF DEET POWER, are known to effectively deter them. But, remember, prevention is always better than cure. Keeping your stables clean, removing standing water, and using fly traps can also reduce the horsefly population.

What smell do horse flies hate most?

The pungent aroma of citronella is a well-known adversary for horseflies. Additionally, strong fragrances like tea tree, lavender, cedarwood, and especially DEET make them buzz off (pun intended!). Sprays such as GOLD LABEL CITRONELLA COMPOUND EMULSION and NAF NAF OFF CITRONELLA have harnessed these smells to keep the flies at bay.

How harmful are horse flies?

While a horsefly's bite is more painful than your average fly due to their scissor-like mouthparts, they're generally not dangerous. However, they can cause allergic reactions in some horses and transmit diseases in rare cases. Always monitor your horse for any abnormal reactions after a bite.

What to do if a horsefly bites you?

If the horsefly's chosen you instead of your steed, don't panic. Clean the area with soap and water, apply a cold compress to reduce swelling, and avoid scratching. If you notice signs of an allergic reaction, like excessive swelling, hives, or difficulty breathing, seek medical attention immediately.

Why do horse flies hurt so much?

Unlike mosquitoes that pierce the skin, horseflies have mandibles that cut into the skin, essentially taking a small chunk out. Imagine a tiny, airborne shark bite. This "cut and slurp" method is why their bites are particularly painful. It's their way of accessing blood, which female horseflies need for reproduction. The nerve endings in the skin don't appreciate this bite, and hence, we feel the pain.

Does the UK have horse flies?

Ah, the British Isles, home to tea, scones, and... horseflies? Yes, indeed! The UK does have its fair share of horseflies, especially in wet and woodland areas during the summer months. So, keep your sprays at the ready when galloping around the English countryside!


In the epic battle against horseflies, being equipped with the right fly spray for your horse is half the victory. Each product we've listed brings its unique strength to the table. So, whether you're looking for an all-natural solution or a heavy-duty repellent, there's something for every equestrian enthusiast. Happy riding, and may your tails always be fly-free!