The Equestrian Life: More Than Just a Hobby

Welcome to the world of Just Horse Riders, where the smell of fresh hay and the sound of hooves isn't just a part of our day - it's our passion. As Aaron Englander, our fearless leader and director, says in his recent podcast, "If I hadn't moved into the equestrian world, my life would have been completely different." Let's dive into this world of dedication and horse-powered dreams.


It's Not Just Riding; It's a Way of Life

Think horse riding is just about sitting pretty on a horse? Think again. Aaron explains, "horse riding and being a horse owner is more than just sitting on a horse... it's deep." It's waking up at the crack of dawn, mucking out in the cold, and yet, loving every minute of it. It's a commitment that's as challenging as it is rewarding.

The Unseen Sacrifices

While most people see the glamorous side of equestrian life on Facebook and Instagram, few understand the true grit it takes. Aaron shares, "They don’t see you waking up at five, six o'clock in the morning... they don’t see you mucking out in minus 10 degrees." Next time you see a picturesque riding photo, remember the hard work behind that perfect moment.

The Joy of the Journey

Despite the challenges, there's an undeniable joy in the journey. "It's the passion," Aaron muses. This passion is what drives us at Just Horse Riders, and it's what we hope to share with you through our carefully curated collection of equestrian gear. From rugged outdoor apparel to the finest supplements, every product is a testament to our love for horses.

A Family Affair

Aaron's journey wasn’t a solo ride. "Me and my mom moved to horse riding school when I was 18," he recalls, highlighting that equestrianism is often a family affair. Today, his own children share the same enthusiasm, learning invaluable life lessons along the way. "I think the skills and lessons they learn in the equestrian world is going to then feed into their regular life," Aaron reflects.

Teaching Resilience and Responsibility

For Aaron's children, caring for a horse isn't just a chore; it's a lesson in responsibility, resilience, and dedication. These are the qualities we admire and foster at Just Horse Riders. As they brave the elements to care for their pony, they’re not just learning how to ride; they're learning how to live.

Stay tuned for the next part of our journey into the equestrian world, where we delve deeper into the parallels between managing a business and managing a stable. Spoiler alert: it involves a lot of coffee and an unshakeable love for horses.

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From Reluctant Observer to Equestrian Enthusiast

It's one thing to be born into the equestrian world, but quite another to leap into it mid-gallop. "I never used to be interested in horses," admits Aaron. His transformation from a reluctant observer to a passionate equestrian is nothing short of inspiring. "I only recently in the past six months got it. It's the passion." This realization mirrors the journey many of our customers embark upon when they first visit our store.

Understanding the Equestrian Passion

Aaron's candid confession, "I couldn't understand why you'd want to get up at six o'clock in the morning... and go and walk out a horse," resonates with many. It's this very transformation - the dawning of understanding and appreciation - that we at Just Horse Riders celebrate. Our range of products caters to both seasoned equestrians and those just beginning to appreciate the nuances of horse care and riding.

The Dedication Behind Every Ride

But what does this passion look like in practice? Aaron sums it up: "You really got to be special or someone special to do that." Caring for a horse is a labor of love, involving early mornings, late nights, and an unwavering commitment. Whether it's selecting the perfect saddle from our collection or braving the elements for a morning ride, it's all about dedication.

More Than a Business: A Community

At Just Horse Riders, we're more than a business; we're a community bound by a shared love for horses. "The same way I built this business," Aaron reflects, "You wake up thinking about it, you go to sleep thinking about it." Our commitment to providing quality equestrian gear is fueled by the same dedication our customers show every day.

Building Relationships, One Ride at a Time

Every interaction, every sale, every piece of advice we offer is an opportunity to strengthen our bond with the equestrian community. "Being a horse owner and being a business owner, from my perspective, are not too dissimilar," says Aaron. We understand the challenges and joys of equestrian life, and we're here to support you through each step.

As we continue our journey through the fascinating world of equestrianism, we'll explore more of Aaron's insights and how they shape our approach at Just Horse Riders. Don't forget to connect with us on our Facebook and Instagram pages to share your own stories and experiences!

Lessons Learned in the Saddle

"If you can't be in bed and feel like, 'Oh, I can't bother going down to the yard today,' you're in for a surprise," Aaron quips. The discipline and dedication required in horse riding are lessons that extend far beyond the stable. Just as Aaron has learned, every rider discovers that equestrianism isn't just a sport; it's a lifestyle that shapes character and resilience.

The Unrelenting Pursuit of Equestrian Excellence

"My wife, she had a horse, I never understood it," Aaron recalls. His journey to understanding and embracing the equestrian world mirrors the path many of our customers tread. At Just Horse Riders, we're dedicated to supporting this journey with top-quality riding apparel and equipment, designed to make every ride exceptional.

The Bond Beyond the Bridle

Aaron's transformation from an outsider to a passionate equestrian underscores the deep, emotional bond between a rider and their horse. "You've got to have true dedication to do that," he states, emphasizing the emotional investment involved. Our product range reflects this bond, offering everything from daily care essentials to specialized riding gear.

Creating a Legacy of Passion

"Having children in an equestrian horsey world is one of the most amazing lessons you can teach them," Aaron believes. This sentiment is at the heart of our mission at Just Horse Riders. We aim to nurture this legacy of passion and commitment, ensuring that the next generation inherits a deep respect and love for equestrianism.

The Future of Equestrianism

As we look to the future, Aaron's insights guide us in shaping a world where equestrianism is not just about riding, but about living a life of purpose and passion. "I feel incredibly lucky to have stumbled upon it," Aaron reflects. We share this sentiment and invite you to be part of this extraordinary journey.

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