If you're anything like me, then your knowledge of horses might have once been limited to, "Hey, it's that big thing that neighs." But worry not! Embarking on your equestrian journey can be both thrilling and a smidge overwhelming. Choosing the right breed of horse as a beginner is like picking your first car. Do you want the sleek sports car (probably not the best choice for a new driver) or the reliable sedan? Dive with me into the world of horse breeds, and let's decipher this together!

LIKIT STUD MUFFINS LIKIT STUD MUFFINS: Give your special one a treat that's hand-made with care, fortified with extra protein and flax seeds. It's the equestrian equivalent of giving your friend a box of artisan chocolates. Tasty and healthy!


American Quarter Horse

Ah, the American Quarter Horse, the "reliable sedan" of the horse world. One of the most popular breeds in the US, and for a darn good reason. Known for their calm temperament, these horses are like the friend who's always ready for a road trip. Whether it's trail riding, western riding, or even racing, this horse is game. But just like your friend might have a sweet tooth, this breed can be prone to certain health issues, so remember to keep them healthy!

American Paint Horse

Next on the runway is the American Paint Horse, flaunting their vibrant coat patterns. Known for their calm demeanor and versatility, they're a bit like that artist friend who's also surprisingly good at sports. However, remember to check for skin allergies and eye problems. You wouldn't want your artsy friend to miss out on their vibrant paint palette, right? More on their care here.

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Morgan Horse

The Morgan Horse might sound like it's named after a pirate, but it's anything but unruly. This breed is friendly, often used for trail riding and dressage, and can out-endure many others on long rides. But ensure they're on a healthy diet to avoid laminitis or colic. Remember, a healthy horse is a happy horse!

Arabian Horse

Oh, the Arabian. If the horse world were high school, the Arabian would be the prom queen. Renowned for their stamina and endurance, these are the very horses that ancient Bedouin tribes believed were created from the south wind to be "a gift from the gods". But with beauty and endurance comes a touch of sensitivity. These horses can sometimes be a tad hot-headed. So, for beginners, it's a bit like dating someone out of your league. Thrilling, but requires some finesse! Ensure to keep them active and engaged. Perhaps, a LIKIT BOREDOM BUSTER Boredom Buster can be just the thing to keep their spirits high!


Enter the Thoroughbred. These horses are the sports cars of the equestrian world. Built for speed, they're the star players in horse racing. But as with most sports cars, they require premium fuel and top-notch care. For newbies, managing a Thoroughbred might be akin to trying to drive a manual transmission when you've only ever known automatic. It can be done, but you've got to be ready for the learning curve! Here's a guide to understanding these equine marvels.


The Andalusian horses, with their Spanish lineage, are the dance stars in the horse community. If there's a "Dancing with the Horses" show, the Andalusian would be the judge, contestant, and the trophy, all rolled into one. Graceful in their movements and often used for dressage, they are usually calm, but every dancer has their quirks, right? Especially when they find out they've missed out on their STUD MUFFINS MINI CHRISTMAS ADVENT CALENDAR Mini Stud Muffins Advent Calendar. A day without a treat is a day wasted!


Appaloosas are the freckled, fun-loving kids of the horse world. Distinguished by their spotty coat patterns, these horses are versatile, smart, and have a natural instinct when it comes to cattle. But don't be fooled by their playful exterior; they have a strong will and can be quite independent. A beginner might find it a challenge, but who doesn't love some playful banter? And to keep that coat shiny and their mood up, consider adding some Everyday Horse Vitamins & Supplements to their diet.

And there we have it, the next set of horses on our beginner's rundown. Remember, while it's crucial to choose a breed that suits your level, the bond you build with your horse is paramount. Every horse is unique, and with patience, understanding, and the right treats, you're in for an exhilarating ride!

The Draft Horses: Clydesdale & Shire

These gentle giants of the horse world are like the lovable jocks we all adored in school. Immensely strong and sturdy, they're the go-to horses for tasks requiring brute strength. While their sheer size might be intimidating, they're usually calm and gentle, making them suitable for beginners who aren't easily fazed. But remember, with great size comes great responsibility! Or, in this case, a great appetite. Why not reward their hard work with a delicious LIKIT STUD MUFFINS Stud Muffin? Because honestly, who could resist those eyes?


The Morgans, affectionately known as the 'all-rounders', are versatile, eager to please, and always up for any activity. For beginners, they are like that reliable friend who's always down for whatever plan you throw at them. Dressage? Check. Trail rides? Check. Late-night snack raid in the barn? Double-check, especially if it involves a HORSEMEN S PRIDE JOLLY MEGA BALL Jolly Mega Ball.

Conclusion: Riding into the Sunset

In the end, the journey with your horse, regardless of its breed, is bound to be filled with ups and downs, surprises, and moments of pure joy. It's not just about the ride, but the bond, the care, and the mutual respect. Equip yourself with the right Jodhpur collection, riding boots, and gloves for a comfortable ride. Don't forget those essential hoof care & boots for your equine companion. And always keep a treat or two handy, because nothing says 'good job' like a tasty reward.

So whether you're a beginner looking to take the leap or a seasoned rider, remember: every horse, like every person, is unique. The adventure isn't in finding the 'perfect' breed but in cherishing every moment with your four-legged partner. Happy riding!

Asked by You

It's quite common for budding equestrians to have a plethora of questions when first diving into the world of horse riding. Luckily, we've got some answers that might just help you trot down the right path! Let's address the galloping thoughts many of you have asked:

What horse breeds are not good for beginners?

It's essential to note that while certain horse breeds have general characteristics, individual horse personalities can vary widely. However, breeds like the Thoroughbred and the Arabian can sometimes be too spirited or high-energy for novices. Their sensitivity and swiftness make them excellent competitors in races and shows, but they might be a handful for someone just starting out.

What is a good horse for a beginner?

For those just stepping into the saddle, breeds like the American Quarter Horse and the Morgan Horse are frequently recommended. They're known for their calm demeanors and patience. But don't just take our word for it! Look at our Jodhpur collection while you're thinking about it; perfect for your first riding experience.

Which horse breed is friendly?

Most horses can be friendly if they are treated well and trained correctly. However, some breeds are notorious for their amiable nature. The Connemara and the Norwegian Fjord are often hailed as some of the friendliest breeds out there. They are gentle, making them a perfect companion for both young and old riders. Speaking of companionship, why not treat your new friend to some delightful treats from our Horse Treats and Gifts section?


If you have any more questions, always remember to reach out to us! We're here to ensure your journey into the world of horse riding is as smooth as a canter in the countryside.