Ranking Product Name Description Benefits Image
1 Gallop Equestrian Zebra Combo Fly Rug Zebra Print Flysheet Confuses insects, UV protection Gallop Equestrian Zebra Combo Fly Rug
2 Shires Tempest Fly Combo Integrated neck cover, UV reflective Maximum comfort, durability Shires Tempest Fly Combo
3 HY Guardian Fly Rug & Fly Mask Includes fly mask, silver close weave mesh UV protection, complete insect barrier HY Guardian Fly Rug & Fly Mask
4 Whitaker Unicorn Fly Rug Pink mesh with unicorn prints Stylish, lightweight, designed for comfort Whitaker Unicorn Fly Rug
5 Gallop Equestrian Bees & Butterflies Fly Mesh Combo Bees and butterflies design, ultra-breathable mesh UV Protection, enhanced airflow Gallop Equestrian Bees & Butterflies Fly Mesh Combo
6 StormX Original Bee Combo Fly Rug Bright bee print, soft mesh, includes neck cover Whimsical design, promotes airflow, freedom of movement StormX Original Bee Combo Fly Rug
7 Rhinegold Sahara Full Neck Fly Rug Full neck coverage, satin lining, soft mesh Extensive protection, UV resistant, comfort-focused design Rhinegold Sahara Full Neck Fly Rug
8 Shires Tempest Original Zebra Fly Combo Zebra print for insect deterrence, includes neck cover Visual insect deterrent, UV protection, comfortable fit Shires Tempest Original Zebra Fly Combo
9 Saxon Mesh Combo Neck Fine weave mesh for insect protection, UV block High insect protection, UV protection, adjustable for comfort Saxon Mesh Combo Neck
10 HKM Fly Rug Stars Combo Protects horse from flies and insects, machine washable Anti-rip quality, adjustable closures, belly guard for extra protection HKM Fly Rug Stars Combo

Welcome to the Buzz-Free Zone!

Summer is here, and with it comes the uninvited guests of the season - flies, mosquitoes, and their pesky friends. While we enjoy the longer days and warmer weather, our equine pals face the brunt of summer nuisances. But fear not! We've got the ultimate guide to the Top 10 Fly Rugs for Horses, ensuring your horse remains as happy as you are in a hammock!

Why a Fly Rug?

Let's face it; no one likes to spend their time swatting flies away. For horses, it's no picnic either. A quality fly rug acts as a knight's armor for your steed, protecting against irritating bites, UV rays, and ensuring they can graze in peace. And let's not forget, a comfortable horse is a happy horse!

Choosing the Right Armor

Not all heroes wear capes, but all horses should wear the right fly rug. It's not just about looking good in the pasture (though we admit, that's a plus); it's about comfort, durability, and protection. Whether you're dealing with a Houdini horse that escapes from anything you put on them or a delicate diva sensitive to the slightest itch, there's a rug out there for every type of equine personality.

Let the Countdown Begin!

1. Gallop Equestrian Zebra Combo Fly Rug

Starting off our list with a bit of style and a lot of science, the Gallop Equestrian Zebra Combo Fly Rug not only makes your horse look like they're ready for a safari adventure but also confuses insects to keep them at bay. With its 200 denier ultra-breathable mesh and UV protection, it's a win-win for style and substance.

Gallop Equestrian Zebra Combo Fly Rug - Unique Zebra Print for Insect Confusion

Its unique Zebra Print Flysheet is not just for show; studies have shown that this pattern effectively confuses insects, significantly reducing their landings. This rug is the perfect blend of fashion and function, providing comprehensive coverage from poll to tail. Plus, its adjustable features ensure a snug and comfortable fit for your equine explorer.

2. Shires Tempest Fly Combo

At number two, we have the Shires Tempest Fly Combo. This rug is the Batman of fly rugs - dark, mysterious, and incredibly effective at fighting off villains (in this case, bugs). Its built-in neck cover and UV reflective properties provide maximum protection, ensuring your horse stays cool and unbothered by the forces of nature.

Shires Tempest Fly Combo

3. HY Guardian Fly Rug & Fly Mask

Securing the third spot is the HY Guardian Fly Rug & Fly Mask. This combo is like having a personal bodyguard for your horse, offering maximum protection against all flying insects and harmful UV rays. The silver close weave mesh ensures breathability while keeping pests at bay.

HY Guardian Fly Rug & Fly Mask for Maximum Protection

The ingenious neck fits over the ears to prevent slipping, and the rug is equipped with adjustable elasticated straps for a snug fit. This one’s a fortress in the form of a fly rug, making sure your horse is safeguarded from head to tail.

4. Whitaker Unicorn Fly Rug

Who said protection couldn’t be fun? The Whitaker Unicorn Fly Rug adds a splash of magic to the mix with its pink mesh and unicorn prints. It's not just about the looks though; this rug offers excellent protection and features like crossed belly surcingles and velcro straps for an adjustable fit.

Whitaker Unicorn Fly Rug with Pink Mesh and Unicorn Prints

This rug proves that you can keep the bugs away while still showcasing your horse’s playful personality. Plus, the breathable mesh ensures your horse remains cool under the sun's gaze, making it a hit for both horse and rider.

5. Gallop Equestrian Bees & Butterflies Fly Mesh Combo

Fluttering into the fifth spot is the Gallop Equestrian Bees & Butterflies Fly Mesh Combo. This rug is a testament to the fact that protection against summer irritants can come in beautiful packages. The lightweight mesh adorned with a delightful bees and butterflies pattern offers UV protection while keeping your horse cool and comfortable.

Gallop Equestrian Bees & Butterflies Fly Mesh Combo for Aesthetic Protection

Not only does this rug protect your horse from flies and UV rays, but it also brings a touch of whimsy to the field. The durable design and comprehensive coverage ensure that your horse is protected from poll to tail, making it a favorite among equestrians who value both function and style.

6. StormX Original Bee Combo Fly Rug

The StormX Original Bee Combo Fly Rug buzzes into our sixth spot with its eye-catching bee print. It's not just about making a fashion statement; this rug offers robust protection with its soft mesh, shoulder gusset for freedom of movement, and a neck cover with touch tape fastenings.

StormX Original Bee Combo Fly Rug with Bold Bee Print

This rug is perfect for those looking to combine functionality with fun, providing your horse with a barrier against flies and UV rays while sporting a unique look that’s sure to turn heads in the pasture.

7. Rhinegold Sahara Full Neck Fly Rug

Seventh place goes to the Rhinegold Sahara Full Neck Fly Rug, a masterpiece of protection, offering a soft mesh breathable cover with an attached full neck. This rug’s design focuses on comfort with its satin lining along the spine and double layer Lycra insert at withers.

Rhinegold Sahara Full Neck Fly Rug for Ultimate Comfort

It’s all about maximum comfort and movement with this rug, ensuring your horse feels nothing but ease, whether grazing or galloping.

8. Shires Tempest Original Zebra Fly Combo

The Shires Tempest Original Zebra Fly Combo takes the eighth spot with its zebra-inspired design that’s more than just a pretty pattern. It acts as a natural deterrent to flies, blending style with scientific innovation to keep your horse protected.

Shires Tempest Original Zebra Fly Combo for Style and Protection

With its neck cover and UV protection, this rug ensures your horse stays comfortable and itch-free, making it a fantastic choice for those who prioritize efficacy and aesthetics.

9. Saxon Mesh Combo Neck

Nearing the end, the Saxon Mesh Combo Neck offers fine weave mesh for exceptional insect protection while ensuring your horse remains cool. It’s a testament to simplicity and effectiveness, featuring UV block and adjustable closures for a perfect fit.

Saxon Mesh Combo Neck for Insect Protection and Cooling

This rug ensures 96% UV block, providing not only a shield against insects but also significant protection from the sun's damaging rays. It's a solid choice for horse owners who prioritize both protection and comfort.

10. HKM Fly Rug Stars Combo

Finally, at number 10, we have the HKM Fly Rug Stars Combo. This rug is not just a protective layer; it's a statement. With its stellar design, it protects the horse from flies and insects while being machine washable, making it as practical as it is stylish.

HKM Fly Rug Stars Combo for Style and Protection

It offers best anti-rip quality, adjustable front closures, and a belly guard, ensuring your horse enjoys the utmost in comfort and protection. It's the ideal choice for those who don't want to compromise on style or functionality.


Choosing the right fly rug for your horse is crucial for their comfort and health during the buggy seasons. With this list of the Top 10 Fly Rugs, we've aimed to provide a comprehensive guide to help you make an informed decision. Remember, the best rug is the one that suits your horse's needs and your aesthetic preferences, ensuring a happy, healthy horse ready to enjoy the great outdoors, pest-free.

Explore more about horse care and our wide range of fly protection products at Just Horse Riders. From Fly Masks and Mesh Fly Rugs to Fly Sprays and Sweet Itch Solutions, we have everything you need to keep your equine friend happy and comfortable all season long.

Asked by You

Your curiosity fuels our passion for sharing knowledge. Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about fly rugs:

Do zebra print fly rugs work?

Absolutely! The zebra print isn’t just for show; it's based on science. Research suggests that the high-contrast stripes can confuse and deter insects. This means zebra print fly rugs are not only stylish but provide a functional advantage in keeping pests at bay.

When should a horse wear a fly rug?

Fly rugs are especially beneficial during the warmer months when flies and insects are most prevalent. However, the specific times can depend on your horse's needs and the local environment. Generally, if you notice your horse being bothered by insects, it’s a good indication that a fly rug could help improve their comfort.

Do ride on fly rugs work?

Yes, they do! Ride on fly rugs are designed to protect your horse from flies and insects during riding. They’re a great way to keep your horse focused and comfortable, ensuring a more pleasant ride for both of you. Just ensure it fits well to avoid any distractions or discomfort while in motion.

Can you leave a horse fly rug on overnight?

It's generally safe to leave a fly rug on overnight, especially if your horse is being bothered by insects in the evening or early morning. However, it's important to choose a breathable, comfortable rug and to check regularly for any signs of rubbing or discomfort. Always ensure the rug is fitted correctly for overnight use.