What to Buy a Girl Who Loves Horses

Welcome to the equine aficionado's guide to gift-giving! If you’re scratching your head wondering what to buy for a girl who has a penchant for all things horse-related, fear not. We've got you covered faster than a Thoroughbred on the final furlong!

1. For the Fashion-Forward Equestrian

First up, let’s talk fashion. Because, let's face it, style doesn’t stop at the stable door. The right jodhpurs aren't just about looking good - they're about feeling great in the saddle. And for the footwear? Dive into our Horse Riding Boot Collection. Because Cinderella is proof enough that a new pair of shoes can change your life – or at least your riding experience!

Shires Aubrion Abbey Horse Riding Socks

Speaking of feet, let’s not forget about socks. The Shires Aubrion Abbey Horse Riding Socks are not just socks; they're a foot-hug for your equestrian escapades. With technology that keeps your toes as comfy as a cat in a sunbeam, they're the perfect blend of function and comfort.

2. Gifts That Say 'Hay'!

Now, for the horse! If you think buying treats for a horse is as simple as a sugar cube, you're about to have your mind blown. Meet the Likit Stud Muffins. These are not just any treats; they are the equivalent of a Michelin star restaurant meal, if your horse was into fine dining, which, let's face it, they probably are.

Likit Stud Muffins

And for the health-conscious horse owner (which should be everyone, right?), check out our Everyday Horse Vitamins & Supplements. Because a happy horse is a healthy horse, and nothing says 'I care' like a well-balanced diet.

3. The Practical Equestrian's Dream

For those who understand that practicality is next to godliness in the equestrian world, the Shires Deluxe Haylage Net is a no-brainer. It's like giving the gift of time – and who doesn't need more of that?

Shires Deluxe Haylage Net

And let's not forget about gloves. Our Horse Riding Gloves Collection is like a secret handshake into the club of seasoned riders. They're not just gloves; they're a grip, a guard, and a style statement all rolled into one.

4. For the Art and Soul of the Equestrian

Who said horse lovers only think about riding? Let's talk about the art of equestrian style. From chic horse riding accessories to home decor that screams 'I'd rather be at the barn', our collection is for those who live and breathe horses in every aspect of their lives.

And for the ultimate personal touch, how about a Personalised Wood Horse Shoe & Name Plate? It's like saying, "I see your horse obsession, and I raise you a custom-made declaration of love."

Personalised Wood Horse Shoe & Name Plate

5. The Gift of Grooming Glory

No, we're not talking about a spa day for the equestrian (although, not a bad idea!), but a spa day for the horse! Enter the world of grooming essentials, where a shiny coat and well-brushed mane are the order of the day. Check out our glamorous HKM Grooming Box Glam, because who said grooming can't be stylish?

HKM Grooming Box Glam

And while we're on the subject, let's not forget the hooves. Our collection of Hoof Care & Boots is like the fairy godmother of foot care for horses. Because everyone knows, no hoof, no horse!

6. Bridle Bliss

Ah, the bridle, the unsung hero of horse tack. It's not just a piece of equipment; it's a communication line between rider and horse. Dive into our Horse Bridles collection to find that perfect harmony between style and function. Remember, a good bridle not only fits well but also speaks volumes about your equestrian prowess.

7. The Joy of Equestrian Reading

For the girl who loves to curl up with a good book, why not make it a horse-themed one? Whether it's educational material on horse care or a heartwarming tale of equestrian adventure, a book can be a gateway to new knowledge or a world of imagination.

There's no end to the thoughtful gifts you can choose for the horse enthusiast in your life. But remember, it's not just about the gift itself; it's about acknowledging her passion and showing that you care.


As we trot towards the end of our list, remember, the best gifts are those that resonate with her love for horses. Whether practical, stylish, or purely sentimental, each gift is a way to say, "I get you and your horse-loving heart." So, saddle up your shopping cart and embark on a gift-giving adventure that is sure to win you a blue ribbon in her heart!

8. Saddle Up with Style

What's an equestrian without her trusty saddle? It's not just a seat; it's her throne! For the girl who knows her way around a horse, a high-quality saddle is more than just tack; it's a statement. Explore our range of saddles to find the perfect match for her riding style.

9. Equestrian Experiences

Gifts don't always have to be tangible. Sometimes, the best present is an experience that'll be cherished forever. How about a day at a horse show, a dressage clinic, or a scenic trail ride? Experiences like these can offer unforgettable moments and learning opportunities for the horse-loving girl in your life.

10. The Ultimate Horse Lover's Hamper

Can't decide on one thing? Why not put together a hamper filled with small equestrian delights? Include a mix of treats for both the horse and rider, from gourmet horse snacks to luxurious riding gloves. It's like a treasure chest for the horse-obsessed!


There you have it – a treasure trove of ideas to delight the equestrian enthusiast in your life. Remember, when it comes to horse lovers, it's the thought and understanding of their passion that counts. Whether it's a practical piece of equipment or a heartwarming experience, the perfect gift is one that gallops straight to her heart.

For more equestrian gift ideas, riding gear, and horse care products, trot over to Just Horse Riders. We're your one-stop-shop for all things horse and rider. Happy gifting, and happy riding!

Asked by You: Gifting Guide for Horse Enthusiasts

What to Get Horse Girls for Birthday?

Birthdays are special, and for the horse girl in your life, nothing beats equestrian-themed gifts. Consider something that blends her love for horses with a personal touch – like a Personalised Wood Horse Shoe & Name Plate. It's unique, thoughtful, and sure to win a place in her heart (and her horse's stable!).

Personalised Wood Horse Shoe & Name Plate

What Do You Get a Horse Girl for Christmas?

Christmas is a time of joy, and what better way to spread cheer than with a gift that speaks to her passion? Think cozy and stylish – like something from our Horse Riding Boot Collection. Warm, comfortable, and perfect for winter rides, these boots are like a Christmas hug for her feet.

What Do You Get Someone Who Loves Horse Racing?

For the speed enthusiasts and race day fans, how about a ticket to a prestigious horse racing event? Pair it with a sophisticated equestrian glove set for a touch of style and practicality. It's a gift that's both an experience and a keepsake.

What to Gift an Equestrian?

Equestrians appreciate gifts that recognize their dedication to the sport. Opt for something practical yet elegant, like a high-quality bridle. It's not just gear; it's a part of their daily ritual and a symbol of the bond between horse and rider.

Remember, the best gifts come from understanding their love for horses. Whether it's their birthday, Christmas, or any other occasion, a thoughtful equestrian gift is always a surefire way to gallop into their good books!