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Summer is in full swing, and Aaron Englander from Just Horse Riders is here with a fresh take on a must-have for your equine friends. If you're battling the buzz of flies around your beloved horse, then it's time to listen up and watch now! Today, we're diving into the Shires Flyguard Pro Series Fly Mask—a game changer in fly protection.

Why This Fly Mask?

Aaron starts off by showing us the practical yet lovely reusable box that the Flyguard Pro comes in. "Straight away, this mask impresses with its sturdy and strong mesh, yet it's quite lightweight," Aaron explains as he unboxes this essential piece of tack. For those of us looking to reduce waste, this mask ticks an important box by coming in packaging that's as functional as it is environmentally friendly.

What Sets It Apart?

Delving deeper, Aaron points out the unique features that set the Flyguard mask apart. "Here's the nose extension... ensuring that no flies dare venture near your horse's nose," he highlights. And for the horses that prefer their ears free? "This version has ear holes, comfortably lined to prevent any discomfort," making it ideal for even the fussiest of equines.

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Unpacking the Features of the Shires Flyguard Pro Series

As Aaron explores the features of the fly mask, he is quick to point out the importance of the material used. "The mesh is really sturdy and strong but also quite lightweight, a balance hard to find in fly masks," he notes. This makes the Shires Flyguard not only effective at keeping pests at bay but also ensures your horse doesn't feel bogged down.

Advanced Protection Technology

The Flyguard Pro isn't just about comfort; it's engineered for maximum protection. "All of the Flyguard Pro Series range from Shires comes with the 3D eye visors, a crucial feature," Aaron points out. These visors ensure the mask stands away from the horse's eyes, providing a broad range of vision and added safety while in the field.

And it doesn't stop there. "The mesh is small enough to make sure that even the smallest of flies don't get through," Aaron adds, emphasizing the detail that Shires has put into making this mask effective against all kinds of insects.

UV Protection Where It Counts

The discussion of the mask's benefits leads Aaron to highlight another significant aspect. "This fly mask on average blocks 70% of UV rays, helping to diminish the risk of sunburn and sun bleaching," he explains. For horse owners with equines sensitive to sunlight, this feature is a godsend.

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Easy to Use and Durable

Aaron’s review also touches on the usability of the mask. "Fit wise, it's really nice and easy to fit, with sturdy Velcro straps at the back," he remarks. The quick-fit feature is especially appreciated by horse owners who need to manage their tack efficiently.

Curious about how it fits in action? Watch Aaron demonstrate the ease of fitting the Flyguard mask in our video review: Watch Now!

Customization and Comfort: The Shires Flyguard Pro Difference

"The Flyguard Pro Series fly mask comes in loads of different combinations," Aaron explains, detailing the variety available. Whether your horse prefers no ears, a full face, or even a fly fringe, there's a version that fits your needs. "Shires understands that not one size fits all when it comes to horses," he adds, highlighting the brand's dedication to tailored solutions.

A Look Inside the Comfort Features

Aaron shares more on what makes this mask so comfortable for horses. "It has binding everywhere on the inside of the mask that could potentially irritate, ensuring nothing but comfort touches your horse," he points out. This attention to detail is crucial for keeping horses happy and irritation-free.

Why Choose Shires Flyguard Pro Series?

"If you need any other type of fly mask, please go and have a look as we do carry the full range of the Pro Series," Aaron invites viewers. The comprehensive range ensures that Just Horse Riders can accommodate various horse needs and preferences.

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Join the Community of Satisfied Horse Owners

Aaron concludes with a warm invitation: "If you have any questions about any of the Shires products or particularly the Flyguard Pro fly masks, give us a shout and we’ll get back to you ASAP." It’s this level of customer service and expert advice that keeps horse owners returning to Just Horse Riders.

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