The Hidden Costs and Joy of Horse Ownership: Unveiled

Welcome to Episode 7 of the Just Horse Riders podcast, where Aaron Englander, the director of Just Horse Riders, takes us on a journey into the heart of the equestrian world. In this episode, Aaron sheds light on the common myths and realities of horse ownership, diving deep into the economics and emotions that weave the fabric of this passionate community.

"Horses: Not Just for Royalty Anymore"

“The horses were only linked with royalty...horses have always been connected with wealth,” Aaron begins, inviting us to reconsider our perceptions of the equestrian world. This statement sets the stage for a compelling exploration of how the historical association of horses with wealth and status has evolved. Watch now to hear Aaron discuss the modern reality of horse ownership.

Debunking the Cost Myths

One of the episode’s highlights is Aaron’s breakdown of the actual costs involved in keeping a horse. “Estimated annual cost of owning a horse is between £6,000 and £15,000 a year,” he reveals. This eye-opening segment not only demystifies the financial aspect but also emphasizes the commitment and love owners have for their horses. For those curious about the nitty-gritty of equestrian expenses, this is a must-listen section of the podcast.

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Stay tuned for the next segment, where we’ll dive into the specific costs associated with horse ownership, from livery to tack, and how Just Horse Riders can help you manage those costs without sacrificing quality or your horse's wellbeing. Remember, it's not just about the expenses; it's about the joy and fulfillment that comes from living the equestrian dream. Listen to Aaron’s insights and tips by watching Episode 7 now.

Understanding the True Costs of Horse Ownership

“Let's delve into the annual cost...which again blew my mind,” Aaron shares, sparking curiosity about the real expenses behind the equestrian lifestyle. This episode takes us beyond the initial purchase, covering everything from livery fees to vet bills. With Aaron’s detailed breakdown, listeners gain a comprehensive view of the financial commitment required, emphasizing that the passion for horses goes beyond mere numbers. Listen now to understand the full spectrum of costs.

Grass Livery and Full Livery: What You Need to Know

Choosing between grass livery and full livery is a significant decision for horse owners. Aaron explains, “Grass between £3,000 and £3,500 a year,” while “Full between £7,000 and £10,000 a year.” These insights help owners weigh their options based on their needs, lifestyle, and budget, showcasing Just Horse Riders' commitment to supporting informed decisions in the equestrian community.

Nutrition and Healthcare: Feeding Your Passion

Aaron doesn’t shy away from the importance of proper nutrition and healthcare, stating, “Feeding is between £600 and £1,200 a year...don’t forget about our friend the vet.” Highlighting the costs of feeding and routine veterinary care, he reminds us of the non-negotiable aspects of horse care that ensure our beloved animals remain healthy and happy.

Equip Yourself: Tack and Equipment

“What are you going to use to ride your horse? You're going to sit on its back or do you need a saddle?” Aaron jokes, pointing out the essential and often overlooked aspect of equestrian gear. With an initial cost for tack and equipment running between £300 and £900, it’s clear that quality gear is an investment in safety and comfort for both rider and horse. Explore our Jodhpur Collection, Horse Riding Boot Collection, and more to find the perfect fit for your equestrian adventures.

Insurance: Preparing for the Unexpected

“Insurance...on average is between £200 and £500 a year,” Aaron notes, underscoring the importance of being prepared for any situation. This crucial aspect of horse ownership protects against unforeseen events, ensuring that riders can enjoy their passion with peace of mind. Just Horse Riders offers a range of products to complement your insurance plan, from Horse Riding Socks Collection for daily rides to Horse Treats And Gifts for special occasions.

Why the Investment is Worth It

“It is a lot of money...but in my opinion, totally worth it,” Aaron concludes, echoing the sentiments of many horse lovers. The joy and fulfillment derived from horse ownership are immeasurable, transcending the financial aspects. This episode not only educates but also celebrates the deep bond between horses and their owners. Join the conversation and share your thoughts with us on Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok.

The Economic Impact of Equestrianism on the UK

“The equestrian sector contributes a whopping £4.7 billion to the UK economy,” Aaron reveals, highlighting the significant impact horse ownership and equestrian activities have beyond individual enthusiasts. This staggering figure underscores the importance of the equestrian world in supporting jobs, businesses, and the overall economy. It's a testament to the vibrant ecosystem created by horse lovers nationwide.

Supporting the Community: From Farriers to Retail

“Horses are providing people with an income and a lifestyle...we're looking after our own,” Aaron comments on the interconnected nature of the equestrian industry. Whether it's the farriers, instructors, or retail shops like Just Horse Riders, the community thrives by supporting one another. Discover how Just Horse Riders contributes to this ecosystem with our Everyday Horse Vitamins & Supplements, essential for keeping your horse healthy and happy.

Investing in Your Passion and Partnership

Aaron shares, “They're spending their money, their disposable income, every single penny that they have to make sure their horse, their baby, has the best and most comfortable life.” This statement captures the essence of horse ownership — it's more than a hobby; it's a commitment to a living, breathing partner. To support this partnership, consider equipping yourself with the best from our Stable Rugs and Turnout Rugs collections.

Join Us on This Journey

As Aaron concludes, “next time you see someone with a horse...maybe look at them and think wow, they must be working their backside off for their passion.” We invite you to explore the depth of dedication within the equestrian community by listening to Episode 7 of the Just Horse Riders podcast. Whether you're an experienced rider or new to the world of horses, there’s always something new to learn and ways to deepen your connection with these magnificent animals.

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